The wedding invitation lets your guests know what kind of event you are having. Use it as an opportunity to showcase your personal style. Design your invitation to be unusual and capture attention so all the focus in on your big day. You can still make a big impact if you need affordable invitations. In fact, your invitations will be more creative and unique than regular invites.

Your wedding invitation can express your personality or relationship. Try printing a map theme for the invitation background if you and your fiance had a long-distance relationship. You can also print words that describe your relationship on the front of the invitation for a graphic element that is easy to create.

If you are printing the invitation yourself, use a bold graphic to create a simple design with big impact. For a modern wedding, put bright polka dots on a dark background. For an elegant printed invitation, add clip art. For example, choose a cherry blossom pattern to surround the text. For a more traditional invitation, print your monogram in a cursive font at the top of the paper.

Add a mysterious air to your invitation with vellum paper. Wrap your invitation in the paper and then tie a cord around it. Accent the cord by tying beads at each end. You'll still need to use a traditional envelope over the package to meet mail regulations.

Plain paper is often less expensive than patterned paper but it can still make a statement. Create your own invitation by layering several squares of card stock in turquoise and bright orange. Add a die-cut embellishment from a scrapbooking store to make your invitation pop. According to the Better Homes and Gardens website you can use a sewing machine on paper. Secure your invitation to the paper background with glue. Use a zigzag stitch and a bright thread to form a frame around your invitation.

To use patterned paper on a budget ,pick up a scrapbooking pad. These pads are full of different papers in coordinating colors. You'll be able to add interest by using a different pattern for the RSVP card and the invitation. Coordinate the package by using the same color paper for the wording. You can also add layers to tone down a patterned paper. Print your invitation on vellum and then secure to a patterned paper with scrapbooking brads.

Traditional wedding invitations are black and white. For a more modern invitation, use your wedding colors on the invitation. Your guests may even look to the invitation to find a color palette for wedding gifts. Or use a black and white invitation but pair it with a sage green envelope for interest.

If you want to keep a minimalistic approach with the invitation, go for daring color. You may want a card that doesn't include a picture or graphic. The wording can be chocolate brown instead of a traditional black ink. Make the envelope the inverse of the invitation by using a chocolate brown envelope and white calligraphy. Add interest by lining the envelope with a brown and white patterned paper to tie the grouping together.