The Best Inexpensive Wedding Venues in Arizona to Use

Weddings are some of the most beautiful occasions in a person’s life. They can be virtually anywhere from a park, to a church, to a ship. With the versatility that wedding venues have there are a lot of options to chose from when deciding where to have your wedding. If you are strapped for cash around the time of your wedding you may want to find a venue that is inexpensive.  Arizona is a beautiful state that has a lot to offer in many areas including parks, ranches, malls, and other sites to have your wedding. These inexpensive wedding venues in Arizona not only save you money, but stun you as well with their beauty.

Inexpensive Wedding Venues in Arizona: Stonebridge Manor

An option for inexpensive wedding venues in Arizona is to have your wedding at Stonebridge Manor. This is a climate controlled venue so you don’t have to worry about the weather or anything that is heat sensitive in the Arizona sun. Stonebridge Manor is a beautiful location that isInexpensive Wedding Venues in Arizona(107545) brimming with old world charm. It was build around the turn of the 1900’s and it is located in the east valley of the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Stonebridge Manor has two wedding venues that are large four acre properties that will surely provide enough room for all your guests to have a great time. The Manor courtyard is the front lawn of the manor with the beautiful red brick manor in the backdrop. The courtyard is filled with red bricks and is a perfect setting for parties of around 30-150 guests. The interior of the manor includes the East and West wing and the West Wing was recently renovated as a banquet hall that is suitable for up to 150 guests. The East wing is an elegant and cozy area with hardwood floors and a marble fireplace with a grand staircase. These areas are a beautiful place to take pictures and have your guests. The other option at Stonebridge Manor is the Garden Pavilion. This is adjacent to the North lawn and it is a large 6,000 sq feet area that can hold up to 350 guests. There is a mosaic-tiled pool that features a dove in flight, beautiful chandeliers, and there is even a waterfall. These features for Stonebridge Manor make it one of the best inexpensive wedding venues in Arizona.

Inexpensive Wedding Venues in Arizona: Sahuaro Ranch Park

Another option for inexpensive wedding venues in Arizona is the Sahuaro Ranch Park. This park is a beautiful area that is a part of Glendale’s park system. Sahuaro Ranch Park offers both a recreational and historic experience and is large enough for all ofInexpensive Wedding Venues in Arizona(107546) your guests. There are areas to have picnics, grills, ramadas, and even sports fields and courts. The Sahuaro Ranch Park group picnic area is able to be reserved and contains nine covered ramadas, each with nine tables that seat eight people each. The total capacity for all the ramadas is 648 people so there is plenty of room for your entire party. Each ramada has a grill and countertop/serving area with electricity. If you are adventurous you can even reserve one of four softball or soccer fields that the Sahuaro Ranch Park offers. There are also four lighted sand volleyball courts and a horseshoe pit so you can play sports during the reception with all your friends and family. The ability to fit your party with ease and cost to do this make Sahuaro Ranch Park one of the best inexpensive wedding venues in Arizona.

Inexpensive Wedding Venues in Arizona: Enchanted Island Amusement Park                 

Another great option for inexpensive wedding venues in Arizona is the Enchanted Island Amusement Park. The area that is most ideal is known as the Lagoon & Bridge. This is an outdoor space that is free to reserve and it is a beautiful park area. The lagoon has beautiful wildlife swimming around including swans and ducks, and the bridge overlooking the lagoonInexpensive Wedding Venues in Arizona(107544) gives it a rustic, yet modern look. Paddleboats are available for rent so you can relax while on the fish-filled lagoon. This is a great place for the whole family and it is conveniently located just west of 7th avenue on Encanto Blvd, right in Phoenix’s Encanto Park. If you are into rides, the Enchanted Island Amusement Park offers nine rides and a variety of popular attractions that will be fun for the whole family making this one of the best inexpensive wedding venues in Arizona.

Inexpensive Wedding Venues in Arizona: House

One option for inexpensive wedding venues in Arizona that is always available to somebody who is trying to save money is your own house or a friend’s house. This can provide a very comfortable setting for you and your whole family, knowing the location, spending a minimal amount of money, and having it at somebody’s house that you love. When you have your wedding at a house of your friends or family you can save a lot of money and set it up exactly the way you want. There are also more flexible hours and people to work with since you are so close to them. Having a wedding at a loved one’s house can ensure that the wedding will be remembered forever and the location will never be forgotten. Pictures will remind everyone of the great times you spent at the house and how much fun and what a memorable day it was. Another great thing about having your wedding at the house is that you will have a place to stay for you and the family. Staying safe is a very important part of a wedding and having fun is also important. If there are any problems, one will not have to go far to find a place to rest or lay their head. This makesInexpensive Wedding Venues in Arizona using your own house or a friend’s house one of the best inexpensive wedding venues in Arizona since it will save you a ton of money.

Saving money on inexpensive wedding venues in Arizona is a great option to help relieve some of the stress that comes with getting married and planning a wedding. Deciding on a place to have the wedding and reception is a big part of planning a wedding and deciding how the day or night will unfold. Knowing that you have one of the inexpensive wedding venues in Arizona secured for reservations can be a big stress reliever so you can start thinking about other aspects of the wedding or other things that you need to do to make sure that everything goes smoothly. A great place to look for inexpensive wedding venues is in Arizona with everything they have to offer. Regardless of where you decide to have your wedding you can be sure that it will be one of the most memorable days of your life and you will never forget it.