You can have an attractive room like this with inexpensive curtainsCredit:

Any decent decorator will tell you that window treatments are the perfect way to personalize any room.  The problem is that curtains and blinds can be so expensive, many times way out of a home improver's budget.

Don't fear!  There are ways that you can have window treatments for you room and still save money!  You just have to be creative and know where to look. 

Some suggestions for affordable window treatments include:

Shopping at discount and outlet stores

Stores like Walmart, Target, and Big Lots can be a great source of affordable but attractive window covering options. 

Shopping online

You can find some excellent deals on window treatments and blinds at online discount retailers.  The only catch is that you will have to install them yourself.

Being InventiveBlinds Don't Have To Be Expensive Too!Credit:

You can convert non-window items into an attractive window treatment with a little creativity and drive.  For example:

  • Hang an attractive-looking fabric shower curtain
  • Find set of cheap roller shades and add some paint or contact paper to make them more attractive.
  • Combine inexpensive sheer curtains with sheets of fabric from the craft store to create expensive-looking window treatments on a dime.
  • Tweaking bed linen into easy no-sew curtains (see below)

Making your own

If nothing you find at the discount stores pleases you, then maybe it's time to turn to your local fabric store instead.  Look for colors and patterns that compliment your room's current décor, take it home, and use your sewing machine to make some simple curtains.  You can find all sorts of patterns and instructions on the internet or check out a book on window treatments from your local library.

You don't have to be able to sew like Martha Stewart to make inexpensive window treatments.  There are a few "no-sew" windows treatments options out there.  The simplest is to find bed linen that matches your color scheme, pull the seams out of the sides of the top hem, and thread your rod through it.  You could also use the curtain clips (they look like little clothespins on a ring) to hang your curtain so you can get that regal "ripple" effect. 

Being inventive with hardwareCurtains and Blinds Don't Have To Take All Of Your Decorating BudgetCredit:

Look past the ugly metal rods that you find at your local Walmart and you will find many affordable hardware options available to you.  Think creatively!  Do you have something around the house that will work like a hockey stick or even a well-worn tree limb? 

Take a look in stores that you frequent – maybe you'll stumble across something that will hold your window treatment to the wall safely.  If you're on a tight budget, head for the local hardware store and buy dowels.  They come in a variety of sizes and strengths.  Have staff cut them to the right length to save you time and hassle.

Not being be afraid to decorate your curtains

If you're going for a theme in a kid's room, like baseball or princesses, add a few iron-on decorations to your window treatment to spice it up.  You can find them at your local fabric or discount store.

You can also add some tiebacks to make your curtains look classy.  You won't need much cloth to get this effect.  You might even have a little scrap of something like ribbon around the house that you can use. 

A cool but inexpensive embellishment is stenciling.  Buy a stencil and some inexpensive fabric paint and go to town on your new curtains.  This method might just add that last little bit of pizzazz your room needs.