How to never run out of ideas

Wondering what to write about? Having a writer's block? If you're stuck on content for InfoBarrel and need some ideas, brainstorming is the best way to come up with an infinite amount of ideas of things to write about.


If you didn't learn about brainstorming in high school, the idea is very straightforward. You just need a pen and scrap paper to write your ideas down. Pick a quiet place to write, where you will not be distracted by the TV, internet or phone. While this technique isn't time consuming, it is much more efficient if done in one sitting, as the goal is to let your ideas build on the previous ones and snowball into a large list, which will be hindered if you're continuously stopping and recommencing the process.


Start by writing down your main idea: something really broad, preferably something you know a lot about, or even something you wish you knew a lot about. When just starting out, it's easiest to use something like your job focus, or a favourite hobby or interest. For example, I'm a dog groomer, so I would pick 'Animals,' and write it in a large circle in the middle of the paper.



Next, start breaking that topic down in to smaller sub-topic, especially other things you know, want to know or are interested in. In my example, I would draw smaller bubbles to things like 'dogs, cats, grooming, animal careers, small animals, wild animals, pocket pets,' and so on.


You would then break these things down again, into even more specific ideas. Dogs could be broken down into 'breeds, grooming, puppies, choosing a breed, dog sports, training' etc.


You can either go from this into specific article titles, or continue to break it down into more categories, such as 'breed' to 'breed standards, grooming requirements, training, behavioral traits,' etc.


As you carry on into smaller and smaller sub-categories, you will make better niche topics for your posts, and have more specific topics for each of your InfoBarrrel posts. Your final step would be to turn each of the final sub-categories into an article title, and then get writing!


If you make several different brainstorming pages you could end up with an infinite amount of ideas for what to write about on InfoBarrel and never again have to worry about being stuck for a topic!