1. As stated throughout this review, graphics are the biggest draw. The images appear clearer, with more detail and better color clarity than many of my old PS2 games. This clarity and 'wow' factor is applied to close-ups and distant, landscape images. The game takes many opportunities to allow the player to check out the scenery. After cut scenes the player is able to move the characters head from side to side. Doing this allows you to see amazing landscapes below the castle you are searching through. It also offers you opportunities to pick up gold and health bonuses.

2. Another big pro for the game is the attention to detail. Not just regarding graphics but also character development. Each enemy can be viewed prior to engaging in battle and you are made aware of the unit type (Storm Paladin, Black Knight, Assassin, etc.) and some of their abilities. Along this thread of detail is the ending scene. Once the game is 'beaten' the player is given a video cut-scene to enjoy which tells a bit more about the brief story line.

3. Character development is a function of this game that leads to more options and improvement to the player. There are a number of swords, magic rings, shields, helmets, and suits of armour the player can purchase, find in chests or pick up from defeated foes. Each tool the player chooses to equip has unique characteristics and can be combined in special ways for different effects. And, of course, there is the ultimate (although difficult) task of finally earning enough gold to purchase the Infinity Blade.


1. The general format of the game is that of a 'teaser'. It seems like the game was developed primarily as a show piece for what the Unreal Engine 3 is capable of on a hand held device. As a result of this abbreviated format the game suffers from limited replay value. As stated above, the character development does encourage re-play but the story doesn't develop outside of the castle and the limited number of battles within. (They have since offered a free update with added features.)

2. The other con is the limited mobility the player has. The player is not allowed to simply walk around. Exploration is limited to tapping blue orbs as your next checkpoint. After tapping your destination there is a cut-scene that shows you walking there. Once arrived, you typically have the option to look around and tap on an enemy to engage battle.

Full Review

Epic Games recently released this new game using their Unreal Engine 3, a complete development tool that makes amazing graphics possible. It is currently priced at $5.99, pretty steep for a game app. While most apps sell for .99, Infinity Blade is on the higher end of the cost spectrum.

After spending a great deal of time playing though, I believe it to be worth every cent. Infinity Blade currently showcases the absolute best graphics for any game I have played on a hand held device. It is the first iPhone game to be developed using the Unreal Engine 3 so it's king of the graphics hill for now.

The game begins as the player approaches the God King. At this stage in the players development it is not possible to defeat the God King. After he defeats you, the game begins again with the 2nd Bloodline (the initial players offspring) approaching the castle to exact his revenge.

Each enemy throughout the castle is encountered individually. Battles are fought from the first person perspective. You can see the back of you character. It is possible to dodge, block and parry the opponents attacks. Your attacks only do significant damage when the enemy is stunned; after successful dodge/parry/block.

You will go through multiple Bloodlines before you defeat the God King. I defeated him on the 13th Bloodline. After your ultimate revenge the game is not over as you simply begin at the beginning of the castle at your current level. Each time you level up the enemies level up also so you never reach dominating status until you have possession of the Infinity Blade, the most expensive weapon/tool in the game.

After defeating the God King, replay is primarily to possess and master the Infinity Blade.

In Closing

In spite of the limited story and mobility there is no other app game that offers this level of eye candy. It is also fun enough to play to justify the $5.99 price tag. Especially with the recent update there is more gameplay than before. If your're into hand held games for your phone I consider Infinity Blade to be a must-have.