Infinity is purely thought

All existence is merely thought, without physical form

                                                  Infinity Disputes Creation and Existence


     There is surprisingly little in the way of online definitions for creation, once excluding theosophical "creation science". The simplest definition for "creation“ is the result or "product of creating, making, or forming something". "Something",  is essentially defined as a person or thing of value, or values. While the most expansive definition of “thing” is “anything that is, or can become, the object of thought”; which is an instance of a word partially defining itself, and not a wholly satisfying answer. 


     "Existence", on the other hand, is defined as “continued manifestation”, and “the fact or state of living or having objective reality”. "Manifestation", is further defined as “An event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something”, and “a version or incarnation of something”. "Objective reality", is an all together greater challenge, and is particularly difficult to isolate, but, can be considered as that with “truth conditions” which are independent of thought and opinion.


     Now, "infinity",  while often referenced, but far more elusive for most to understand, can be simply defined as that “without bound or end”. The word “value”, from the definition of “something”, now becomes most germane and relative to this issue. By definition, creation and existence, by their essential natures, are quantifiable, and possess ascertainable definite values and properties, which will remain constant and independent of any relative thought or opinion. 


     However, for a quantity, value, mass, and, or, measure to exist, by it's very nature it must conform to assignable limitations and restrictions. Yet, infinity, is defined as that which is “...without bound or end”, without assignable limitations and restrictions. That which has no bound or end, and can not be quantified, limited, restricted, or measured into mass, quantity, or value, can only be potential and the subject of thought. But, infinity can not be the "object"; (defined as a measureable entity), of thought, it can only be the "subject" of thought. If that which can not be measured, limited, or have assignable values associated with it, which defines infintiy, is an accepted universal precedent and predominating law or priciple of all that can be considered; which is considered to be the essential nature of God and the precedent to all creation, then the measureable and ascertainable can only be the effects of contemplation as well, and not manifestation. For, to measure or quantify anything of form or effect, it must be subdivided from a greater entity, or compared and contrasted to a greater entity, both requiring a beginning and an end, by definition. Until other conceptual terms are coined to consider the “boundless”, and the “endless”, which can not have value and therefore can only be nothing; as otherwise it would constitute a valued something, we can only accurately state that infinity is the extent to, and beyond, which we can conceive of nothing, except the greater collective potential of thought.


     Our very ability to contemplate time without a beginning and an end, and the multiple universes without a beginning and an end, and God , (the Omni of everything) , without a beginning and an end, is testimony and evidence to the fact that infinity is the preceeding, prevailing, and remaining operative principle  of all which we can perceive and consider. And, since any forms of creation and existence are contradictory conditions to unforming infinity, they are merely mental constructs which facilitate the thought processes between the collective of individual states of thought. Individual states of thought require terms of self distinction to function, and therefore contemplate themselves as though they are distinct from infinity, or non existence. Life as we perceive it, from a physics perspective, is the equivalent to what we often perceive as dreams, which we are partially aware of while dreaming them, or remember after waking up. But, instead of passing from a non physical dream state to a waking physical state, we are merely passing from one mental, or “dream” state, to another mental, or dream state, as the mystics of the ages have presaged. The notions of physical forms function like words constituting a language, they are the necessary mechanisms for the self consideration of individual mental states, functioning within the greater collective of common thought. But, by any definition available to us at this moment, infinity and physical existence defy each other’s validity. Infinity, however, being the precedent from which the notion of creation or existence could only derive from and contemplated against, is conceptually and literally the more reliable principle. Therefore, infinity, creation, and existence can only be constituted within the realm of thought.