Going on a camping trip can be a really fun experience; however, getting bitten by bugs because you are lying on a sleeping bag on the ground is not-so-pleasant. Inflatable beds that have legs attached to them are one of the best investments that you can make because they will keep your body elevated from the ground when you are sleeping on the camping trip. The weird thing about these camping accessories is that not many people know about them!

This article is geared towards opening your eyes to the possibility of bringing camping beds with legs on your camping trip! There are a handful of benefits to including these in your arsenal of camping gear, and this piece of writing is designed to expose those benefits to you!

Inflatable Beds With Legs Will Elevate You From The Ground-More Safety And A Higher Comfort Level

Most people do not want to get bitten or crawled on by bugs, regardless of the amount of times that they have been camping. Unfortunately, the majority of camping beds are situated on the ground, and will not protect you from the ants and spiders that are crawling throughout the ground. Bringing some inflatable bed with legs along on your camping trip will allow al of the campers to be safe from the various bugs that crawl on the ground.

First-time campers may not feel comfortable sleeping on a camping bed because it puts them at a lower elevation level than their regular bed would! One of the main benefits of choosing an inflatable bed that comes with legs is that it will allow the camper to sleep at the same elevation as their regular bed.

At the end of the day, this type of bed should be included in any person’s arsenal of camping gear! I can see this type of camping bed being as essential as a tent or emergency fire starter within as little as a few years.

Frontgate`s Inflatable Beds Rest On 16 Steel Legs! Feels Like A Real Mattress!

A camping trip is about “roughing it out”, but there is nothing wrong with enjoying a few of the camping luxuries. Frontgate’s inflatable beds come with a 16 leg steel frame to rest on. These 16 steel legs will literally provide the camper with the most comfortable sleep that they have ever had while on a camping trip!

In addition, Frontgate’s inflatable beds are not overly expensive; they can fit perfectly into any camper’s budget! I must add in that inflatable beds with legs will definitely outlast any other type of camping bed. The majority of the wear on a camping bed comes from it being on the ground; the legs allow the inflatable bed to stay off of the ground, and therefore, have a longer life!

You Can Incorporate A Portable Bed Frame With Any Camping Bed That You May Have

One of the main benefits of buying an inflatable bed frame with steel legs is that it can be incorporated into any camping bed that you have. The portable bed frame compresses into a small enough form to fit into any camping bag, and expands large enough to accommodate the largest camping beds!

I would recommend buying one inflatable bed frame for your entire family, and leaving it in the basement beside the rest of your camping gear. By doing this, you will allow any of your family members to take the inflatable bed frame and place their air mattress on top of it when they go camping!

Inflatable Beds With Legs Will Provide The Camper With More “Usable” Space In Their Tent

The amount of space in a tent never seems to be adequate. People continue to bring less and less gear on their camping trips, but the amount of tent space is never enough! One of the greatest things about elevated air mattresses is that you can place your camping gear under them! Essentially, it is like buying a bed with under-drawer storage! More space inside of your tent means that you can bring more camping gear along on the trip!

Don`t get the wrong idea, there are not hundreds of camping products to choose from when you are looking for inflatable beds with legs; however, the selection is large enough to allow you to find the best one for your needs. Not only will this camping gear keep you safe from those pesky bugs, but it will also allow you to sleep in a more comfortable manner. The human body is used to sleeping at an elevated level (the mattress in your bedroom), so sleeping on a lower level while camping will throw off your body`s nervous system. These types of camping beds will elevate you; therefore, producing a more restful sleep!