An Inflatable Exercise Ball is generally considered to be a woman's Pilates class piece of workout equipment. But there are many exercises that can be done with the ball for men in order to build up and stabilize a strong core. I like this ball because it helps work out the muscles in a way that normal weightlifting equipment cannot.

Squats. There are many different ways you can use an Inflatable Exercise Ball to perform squats. While performing the squat you can hold the ball in front of you. Holding such a large object while performing a squat forces you to concentrate and balance yourself. It can also help with weight distribution while doing the squat. The only problem with this method is you are unable to hold any other weight while holding onto the ball so your resistance will be little more than your body weight.

Another popular way of doing squats for beginners is to lean against the ball at your lower back as you have it up against a wall. Bend your knees and lower yourself downwards and come to a squatting position before pushing yourself up back into a standing one. The ball will help keep you stable during the whole movement and it should roll with you against the wall as you move up and down.

My favourite use of the ball during a squat is to have it on the floor behind me against a corner or something that will keep it stable. I then perform deep knee bending squats with my legs close together. Normally that would cause me to fall backwards but the ball is there to provide just enough support to stop me from falling all the way back but also has enough give where I am forced to really use my quads and glutes to get me back up to a standing position. I am tall so I can use a large exercise ball effectively in this way. If you are a shorter person you may need a smaller exercise ball in order to perform deep knee bends in this fashion. A larger ball might stop you from a full range of motion.

Pushups. Instead of doing pushups with your feet flat on the floor, you can increase their difficulty by placing your feet up on an exercise ball while doing them. While you can also put your feet up on a bench, stairway or a couch to do pushups this way, I find the ball to be the most effective as it forces you to stabilize your legs as unlike a couch or bench, the ball can move if you are unstable.

Crunches. Instead of doing crunches, side crunches or other similar ab exercises on the ground, you can do them on the ball. Again, it forces your body to stabilize itself while you are doing them, but it also aligns more naturally to how your body moves so that you can get a greater range of motion.

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