Have you always wanted to own an hot tub, but have always thought that they cost too much money. Well a cheaper option to owning your very own hot tub, is with Inflatable hot tubs. This type of hot tub has really taken off in recent years, with more and more different makes and models hitting the marketplace. Which has meant the prices of them just keeps getting better. Let's take a quick look at just two models that are out there for sale at the moment.

Inflatable Hot TubsThe first hot tub that we are going to look at is the Lay-Z-Spa. This tub is not only very affordable, but it is a comfortable go anywhere spa. Lie back and relax in water up to a temperature of 40 degrees C. It is also extremely easy to use and set up and comes with its very own digital control panel for easy use. No tools or DIY skills are required to set it up and it is recommended for indoor use as well as outdoor. Just some of the fabulous features of this inflatable hot tub are rapid heating system, water filtration system and the excellent Lay-z massage system.

When you purchase the Lay-z-spa you will get everything you need to quickly get you using it, such as a detailed instructional DVD telling you exactly how to set it up and look after it, so that you get years and years of good use out of it. You also get a free chlorine filter and filter cartridge. This hot tub spa will give you all the features that you get from a standard spa, but the best part is, it will cost you a fraction of the price.

The spa operates from a standard mains socket, so no fancy wiring is required on your part to run it. It has a whopping 80 plus micro air jets and air filled cushions for even more comfort. It will take you roughly about 15 minutes to fill the inflatable hot tub and the rapid heating system will increases the water temperature by two degrees every hour up to a maximum temp of 40 degrees C. It comes with a leatheroid top and zipped cover, so that it is well protected when not being used. The measurements of the hot tub are 112.5 inches by 72 inches by 30 inches. So it will be a wise move to take measurements of the area you plan on housing the hot tub before you buy it. You would be surprised at the amount of people who are foolish enough to buy hot tubs, get them home and quickly realize that they haven't get the room to house it.

The second inflatable hot tub that we are going to look at is the LifeSmart Aero Inflatable Spa. This hot tub holds up to 4 people and operates off an 900 watt heater which heats the water up to 40 degrees C. It has a 211 gallon capacity and is made from durable hard wearing vinyl. Set up is quick and easy, all you need to do is, take it out of the box, connect it to an 110 volt power supply and watch it self inflate itself in just a matter of minutes. This hot tub also has a relaxing bubble and massage system which operates of a massive 130 air jets. It comes with a filtration pump so that the water stays fresh and a thermal zipped cover to protect the spa when not in use. The measurements of this inflatable hot tub is 28 inches tall by 75 inches round.