A lot of people know the benefits of having an inflatable hot tub. However, few actually take the action to buy one, and believe me. You can find it cheap. This happens many times, because there is a confusion about Classical and Inflatable Hot tub versions. In this article, I will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about these cool tubs.

Where can i find Inflatable Hot Tubs?

That's a simple question with an easy answer. You can find many of these models on internet online shops. There're manyshops that sell you these cool products online, with good extended warranties and quality. Just do a google search by "inflatable hot tub shop" or by "inflatable spa shop" and you'll find hundreds of online shops that will provide what you want.

What are the special features that i need to look for?

There're a few of them that you need to look when buying a product like this one.
First, you should check if the product has an automatic pump. This is important, because you do not want to fill the air manually, it would take ages, you would get very tired and stressed, something that you need to avoid.
Second, check for comfortable seats. Normally, most of these inflatable tubs have them, but you need to always check for that. You'll pass many hours inside the hot tub, and if you're siting on the ground, your body will not completely relax, which is something that you really don't want and is the opposite of what a hot tub should provide.
Third, heated water jets. Water Jets are the basics of a hot tub, they'll massage all your body, giving you the complete relaxation that you need. It's very important that these water jets are heated, because they'll provide a lot more full body relaxation in comparison to non heated jets.

What's the minimum price that i should look for?

This kind of products, are not very expensive in comparison to what they provide. A good inflatable hot tub with all the above features can cost you in the $600-$700 range. Remember that sometimes more expensive doesn't mean more quality.

Okay, I got this list, what now?

Now, you've everything you need to start searching own your own. Just use this knowledge, and go after this goal "buy an inflatable hot tub for my home". After you get your hot tub, you'll see how much pleasure you get from it, and how your general health will improve. Don't wait more, go for it!