Inflatable kids swimming pools are a great way to cool off this summer.  But one of the problems with any backyard kiddie pool is trying to prevent sunburn and strong reflections off the water, especially if you don’t have much shade.

You can slather SPF50 on you kids and then let them play in the yard and as soon as they start enjoying their time in the water, playing and having fun, time goes by, the shade from the house leaves, and before you know it, they have turned into a wrinkled prune and the SPF50 has long since washed off.

Now their skin is getting that pink tone, and you are now trying to drag them out of the pool for more sunscreen, and the pool is too hard to move to where the shade has gone.  Kids love water and playing in water, especially the little ones.  So by getting one with an optional shelter cover to keep them out of the sun, you stand a fighting chance at avoiding sunburn this year.


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If you have a shaded yard, and can set your inflatable kids pool up so that they don’t get the same chances of sunburn, then that is great, but not every yard has that big old oak tree with all the nice shade.

So, you may try and set it up in the shade of the house, but as the afternoon wears on that leaves too!  So, by getting a backyard pool that have an attached awning or shelter, you can give your kids that extra time out of the sun.

It is a good idea to still put on the sunscreen for the their tender skin, but at least you now have a fighting chance, and this also helps to stop the reflection from the sun off the water in the pool, which can also be hard on kids eyes.

The best part about these pools with the attached awning or shelter, is that it is removable.  You don’t have to always have it on if your do not want to.  But it is a nice added option.

Reflection off the water on a hot sunny day can be really hard on anyone’s eyes, so having this attached shelter or awning will give your kids that extra play time and they will not hurt their eyes from the reflection off the water.

There is a huge variety on the market now, and they are an affordable way to keep your kids or even yourself cool this summer.  (My mother-in-law always had one set up for herself while gardening so she could just lay in it!)

You can find them in most large department stores in the outdoor and sports sections or the toy section, or at large outdoor garden centers.  But there can be a bigger selection online at such sites as Amazon.

You can go shopping from home, and find the best inflatable pool for your kids based on the space you have and just how much water you are willing to fill it with.  Many have built in slides and toys, but if you like the idea of some shade then consider getting one with an attached shelter or awning and have fun staying cool this summer.