As I researched ways to make my yard my perfect little oasis this year, I have come across a lot of products that can turn your yard into paradise with very little construction or renovation.  But one of the coolest things I have found and am considering is the inflatable outdoor movie screen and projector kit.

We have noticed that friends who commute a long way to work each day and are away from their home to earn a living are wanting to making their yards into their permanent relaxing vacation spot without having to travel.

Therefore you are seeing more backyard pools again, hot tubs, basketball hoops, fancy playgrounds for the kids and more.  Entertainment at home has become very important.  It is nice to travel for a vacation but many people are choosing a “staycation” which means relaxing at home and enjoying the yard.

Since this shift, many products are becoming available for the home entertainment systems.  This setup is another great way to entertain your family, friends or relatives in the comfort of your own backyard.

outdoor moive screen and projectorCredit:
You get everything you need is this package.

Sima XL-PRO 480p Projector Bundle

You can open a cold one, sit back and enjoy a movie outside without the worry of driving anywhere.  Kids can bundle up in a sleeping bag or it would be a great way to entertain kids who plan on sleeping out in the backyard tent or simply under the stars.

This would be like your own personal drive-in theater.  I had looked at these setups before but they were very expensive, and more on the professional side for large events.  I really don’t want to entertain the entire neighbourhood with a 16 foot screen.  But after more research I have found that you can get outside movie screen and projector kits that are an affordable way to have fun outside this summer.

Inflatable Movie Screen in this Kit

You get a 72 inch inflatable screen that blows up in seconds with the included compressor and a LCD projector that can run off AC/DC power which means you could also use this at the cottage or even camping if you have portable power.  (Can you imagine taking this to the camp grounds?  You will have everyone around your camp site).  It will deflate just as quickly and packs away.

It all packs away into a travel carrying case.  But the beauty of this sized kit is that you could take this anywhere.  It can pack away quickly into your car and you can take it to your friends or to the cottage or wherever you have enough room to setup your outdoor entertainment. 

I personally think a 72 inch inflatable movie screen is a good sized for the average yard.  Yes you can get larger, but this one comes as a kit which includes the projector.  You will also get additional inflatable supports to raise the screen to the height you want.  It comes with everything you will need including speakers. 

So, if you prefer to purchase a package deal (I am not a techy and to try and do it all individual would drive me nuts!) where you get everything you will need for that perfect night out under the stars at your own personal drive-in movie theater then check online and see the SIMA XL-PRO inflatable outdoor movie screen and projector.outdoor movie screen and projectorCredit:

I personally think it is an affordable way to watch movies outdoors, a great way to entertain family and friends, and simply a fun way to enjoy your evenings.  This could also be enjoyed indoors if the weather turns as a 72 inch inflatable screen would work in a large recreation room as well or a garage.   So, if you are looking for something else for entertainment this year, then check out the big screen outdoors in your own backyard.