InfoBarrel is an online revenue sharing website, where you can make money by writing and publishing articles onto the website. The main revenue streams for its writers are Google Adsense, Amazon, Chitika and affiliate commissions you can make by adding affiliate links into your Author Signature. Info Barrel is a website that is growing fast, and at the time of writing this article it is still possible to grab some fantastic article titles.

InfoBarrel is more than just a revenue sharing website, its an online community of online writers who are always willing to help the newbie writer. So that they can publish articles that are going to make them more money from the website. The InfoBarrel Forum is the place that you will find all the key members hanging out and if you have any questions that need answering about Info Barrel. You will 100% guaranteed quickly get an answer.

If you can write articles, then you can make money by writing articles for InfoBarrel. How much you make from these articles will depend on many different factors the main ones being Keyword selection, SEO and strength of back links pointing back to your articles. All this will sound a little daunting if you are a complete newbie. The first thing you will need to do is sign up for InfoBarrel, when you have done this, log into your Info Barrel account and the first job you will need to do is change your Avator. An Avator is the Image that everyone will see when you start writing articles in your author bio. This could be a picture of you, or something totally different. The Internet is full of fantastic free Avators, just do a Google search and I'm 100% certain you will find one that suits you.

When you upload an Avator you will notice that, by doing so you will be awarded 10 points to your My Achievements score. There are lots of other achievements that you can be awarded, for example points for writing a certain amount of articles. Points for referring new members and points for making comments on articles to name just a few. There is also an InfoBarrel top 100 members section, were all the top 100 members are listed by achievement points, by articles written and by forum posts.

When you start writing articles to Info Barrel, admin will review each article to make sure that it is up to standard and free from grammar errors and spam. Once admin are happy it will then be published to InfoBarrel for everyone to see. This review process is only for new members and is only usually done for the first 10 articles. Once admin are happy, your writer status will be updated and every article you publish from then on will go live after you press publish.

InfoBarrel Writing Article Guidelines

Articles need to be at least 325 words in length. Each article you write needs to be 100% totally unique and not published elsewhere. Articles must not be a promotional document and should be written in English, with correct grammar and spelling. You are allowed a maximum of two self serving links per article. With these links usually being placed in the author bio. To fully understand the full terms of service, it is advisable that all new members read the InfoBarrel terms, before they start.

Making Money With InfoBarrel

The main money maker on Info Barrel is Google Adsense and at the time of writing this article InfoBarrel will generously share up to 85% of the revenue earned from your articles. But to make sure you hit this amount you will need to score over 30 points for the previous month. To achieve this, you will get 1 point for writing a 500+ word article, 2 points for a 800+ word article and 5 points for a 1000+ word article. Most seasoned InfoBarrel writers will write six 1000+ word articles to grab their 30 points and increase their Info barrel adsense revenue share to a whopping 85%. Without any points your Google adsense share still stands at a very generous 75% adsense share, so even if you stop adding new articles to the website you will still receive a big chunk of the revenue each month.

InfoBarrel Contests

Each month InfoBarrel run contests, were the member with the most points win prizes. This is usually 1st prize $100 gift card, 2nd prize $50 gift card and 3rd prize $25 gift card. The points system used to generate each members score, is the one we mentioned in the previous paragraph. So the members who usually grab first prize each month, are the members who write 1000+ word articles. Because of the rapid growth of Info Barrel, it is becoming harder and harder to win contests. Because there are some hardcore InfoBarrel writers who are churning out lots and lots of articles each month.

InfoBarrel For Charities

InfoBarrel also give writers the chance to donate their adsense earnings from each article to charity. The charity which Info barrel is currently supporting at the time of writing this article, is the Huntington Society Of Canada.

InfoBarrel Things To Do List

If you are an online writer, one thing that most writers will experience is writers block. Well if you are suffering from it, Info Barrel have a cool feature on the website called Things To Do. On this page you will get page after page of articles & overviews ready to be written and published to the website. If you decide to write an Overview, this will not be published until admin have had a chance to review it. Once admin is happy, the overview will be published to the website.

If you are looking for a website to start making money online with, then InfoBarrel is one website that you will need to take a serious look at. So what are you waiting for sign up and starting writing articles for cash now.