Writing for InfoBarrel is very addictive, as many people have admitted to in the InfoBarrel forums. The addictive nature of InfoBarrel is fostered by many things including

  • Adsense Earnings
  • The Friendships formed in the Community
  • A desire to better your SEO Skills

As regular contributors to InfoBarrel we understand the addictive nature of the InfoBarrel website. What we as regular members do not seem to understand is why more people are not addicted to InfoBarrel.

We know that we can make money, but we always see a handful of referrals each month that sign up and then do nothing. We wonder what we can do to help spread the growth of InfoBarrel.

One of InfoBarrel's biggest and most outspoken cheerleaders is x3xsolxdierx3x who is constantly helping members, encouraging support, and sharing his positive opinions of InfoBarrel all over the web. His actions have greatly influenced many people to write for InfoBarrel. His actions have also contributed greatly to many existing members deciding to remain active with InfoBarrel and to continue publishing new articles.

Imagine now, what if we had 1,500 writers just like x3xsolxdierx3x here on InfoBarrel?

Not all of us can be everywhere and do everything like the great x3xsolxdierx3x does, but we can contribute in our own way. Here are some simple ways for you to contribute regularly to the InfoBarrel community.

Write and Publish new articles on InfoBarrel

By writing and publishing new articles on InfoBarrel on a regular basis you help not only your own personal earnings, but also the earnings of others. Your article may bring in a search engine visitor and even though he may not click on one of your ads, he may click over to someone else's article and then on an Adsense advertisement.

The more content we as a group publish then the more traffic we bring to InfoBarrel as a whole. This helps everyone's earnings as well as increasing the Brand Awareness of InfoBarrel around the world.

Many non-writers were very familiar with EHow, even though they did not write. I would like to see the same brand awareness for InfoBarrel. As InfoBarrel climbs in the Alexa rankings, we will see some problems.

As a top 1,000 Website as ranked by Alexa we will see many critics. I really do not care about the people who simply criticize InfoBarrel as a website that is not capable of producing large incomes and jut another run of the mill content mill. I know better than that, and so do you. The few individuals I worry about will be the ones who try to pressure Google into penalizing InfoBarrel and not giving us as much search authority.

There have been other websites that have been called out on heavily visited blogs, and I expect InfoBarrel will have that occur one day to.

In order to get InfoBarrel growing even faster I ask that each of you continue to write more articles and to "Kick it up a notch" on the amount of content you produce.

I received well over 10,000 pageviews last month. Imagine if we had 500 writers who received at least 10,000 pageviews each month. This would be 5,000,000 pageviews to InfoBarrel simply from these 500 writers.

Now let's have some fun with numbers, what if we had 5,000 writers who each brought in 10,000 pageviews a month? Now we are looking at 50 Million pageviews on InfoBarrel from these 5,000 active writers plus all of the pageviews from the not so active members.

What the heck would 50 million additional pageviews mean for InfoBarrel? Imagine how much traffic we would be getting. Imagine what the Alexa ranking would be. Imagine the increased brand awareness of InfoBarrel. Imagine people hopping on the InfoBarrel platform and when they get signed up, you already have 1,000 articles published.

InfoBarrel is going to make a lot of people a lot of money, and I will definitely be among them. Will you?