I love writing for Infobarrel. I can write about almost anything I want and earn money. I don't earn money from all of the articles I wrote for InfoBarrel but some of my articles earn more than average. Each month I am seeing more and more clicks and am earning more money. This month I am on track to make over a $100.00.

One way of tracking earnings and comparing earnings from one site to another is to use a per article average. You take the amount of earnings you made in a month and divide it by the number of articles you have. This tells you how much money you earned per article. This is a good way to compare revenue from various content sites that your write articles for.

You can compare your per article earnings on InfoBarrel to other websites such as Bukisa, Examiner, and Ehow. As much as I would like to use this method I have ran into some stumbling blocks. On InfoBarrel I am constant;y writing and adding more articles to my InfoBarrel folio. If I start of the month with 200 articles and finish with 250 articles which number should I use. Neither would be real accurate. I can pull out some old algebra tricks from high school and get a rough figure of my per article earnings but then I have to also figure out how many new articles were published and how long they were online for.

Another option is to simply use the articles you have in your folio from previous months (No New Articles Counted) and your earnings from the previous month but only counting the earnings on all the articles you had up at the start of the month. This will give you a more accurate count.

The problem is comparing apples to oranges and tomatoes to watermelons. When you are continuously adding new articles to your Infobarrel folio you can easily use simple math tricks to fudge your per article earnings. You can make them seem higher or lower. You could simply stop publishing new articles for an entire month in order to get a more accurate count but that would defeat the purpose of why we write articles. We are here to make money and if you do not publish for a month you are losing not only revenue for the month you are not writing but also revenue for future months because when your article ages you tend to earn more.

One of these days I will run a bunch of numbers. I can check my per article earnings average for only my articles that are aged 3 months or longer. I can then compare that to the newer articles posted in prior months that have yet to age. I can think of a lot of different ways to run the numbers. It would be fun to see some of the results. The problem is I don't care.

Once you have a huge folio of articles posted on InfoBarrel you can then begin running numbers in a bunch of different ways. For now you should concentrate on writing new articles. Instead of spending your time running numbers a million different ways just write new articles. If you have a limited folio with very few articles then you don't have much to run anyways.

Figuring up per article earnings is an important thing to do It is nice to have a running tally of what we make. Fortunately Adsense gives us the numbers we need which is our overall earnings and our earnings per thousand views (CPM).

Instead of trying to convince naysayers that InfoBarrel is better than other writing platforms such as Ehow, Associated Content, or Bukisa I will simply write my articles for InfoBarrel. I will share InfoBarrel related information such as earning stats in articles I post on InfoBarrel. If someone decides to write for Infobarrel because of my article then that is Great! If they decided that InfoBarrel still sucks then that is cool with me too. I know when I am making over a $1,000 a month that many naysayers will come to InfoBarrel and try to copy what the big earners are doing here.

My mission is not to convince people that InfoBarrel is the best writing platform for them. I am here to make money and have fun doing it. If somebody asks my opinion I will tell them why I think InfoBarrel is the best platform for earning high residual income. If Ehow promoters or Bukisa writers think they have the best platform then go ahead. Maybe Ehow or Bukisa is the right platform for some people. For me and my goals and my wandering mind that thinks a million miles a minute Infobarrel is the best writing platform for me. (This was wrote before the most current Ehow Fiasco)

In real life people I know think that InfoBarrel and the articles we write are "Stupid". So be it. I will continue writing and one day I WILL be able to get monthly checks of more than $1,000 a month for all of the "stupid" articles I write. These "Stupid" articles are very informative to a lot of people, help sell products for the advertisers, and generate money for me.

This is not like Multi Level Marketing Companies where I try to get my friends to come to meetings and pay a fee to sign up. InfoBarrel is truly a way to make money with no money needed. I don't need to try and snooker my friends and family into a marketing pyramid scheme. I do not need to sell overpriced laundry detergent to my friends. I simply write new content for InfoBarrel.

I do not try and convince my friends to sign up for InfoBarrel under me. I simply write. I know that when I am making $1,000 or more per month writing content for InfoBarrel that some of my friends will want to know how I did it. I will happily show them and teach them everything I know. Until then I simply write.