As I wrote this article I have around 430 articles published on InfoBarrel. I know that is if I keep chugging along I will eventually get a large folio of articles published on InfoBarrel, but I am tired of chugging along.

It is time to kick on the Nitrous and start pumping out a lot of content. I so desire to reach $1,000 per month in passive income with InfoBarrel that it is my driving force.

I am not at a point financially where I can start paying to outsource high quality content so I must do it alone, just me and my laptop. I have other ventures I am working on but I need to keep build up the number of articles I have published on InfoBarrel.

A $1,000 in passive income each month is enough that most people can be content with that amount. A $1,000 a month in passive income will free up a lot of my time to not only pursue other Internet business ideas, but to also have the capital to do it.

I need to:

  • Write a lot of new articles
  • Implement Affiliate Links into My Articles
  • Write more articles

What is your goal for how many articles you would you like to have published? My goal is to have 1,500 articles published on InfoBarrel. 1,500 articles would pull me in at least $300-$375 each month, but probably a lot more.

I will keep writing articles for InfoBarrel and I expect my earnings to continue to rise. I have a lot of ideas for articles, I simply need to get them all typed out so I can publish them on InfoBarrel.

I am working on building up my income level each month, not just with InfoBarrel, but also with all of my web ventures.

Writing a lot of articles for InfoBarrel is a great way to increase your income, but once you have written a lot of articles you can use your signature box to help drive traffic to your other web ventures. If you are running a forum about bicycles then you can write articles about bicycles and hyperlink to that forum.

This allows you to profit off the article when people click ads, as well as driving new targeted visitors to your bicycle forum. You also can link to the article from your forum, thus increasing the earnings of your InfoBarrel articles. It is truly a win-win situation.

If you have a turnkey affiliate website then you can drive targeted traffic to that website for free, simply by writing and publishing related articles on InfoBarrel and then linking to those articles.

There are many ways you can use InfoBarrel to help increase your other web ideas potential, but do not get too distracted. It is vitally important that you strive to build up a huge folio of articles before you venture to far out of the box.

I look forward to InfoBarrel 2.0 and what it may do for us. If they integrate Commission Junction and allow us to use Commission Junction banners in our authors' signature box, then the sky is truly the limit in how much you can earn with InfoBarrel.