Being that InfoBarrel is still a relatively new site, with an ever growing base of members, there are bound to be some minor bugs and issues that happen from time to time. Surprisingly, InfoBarrel actually has very few problems when compared to the majority of other similar platforms.

Are you having any troubles with something on InfoBarrel? Are you trying to figure out how to do certain things like add pictures or choose categories? If so, don't get discouraged. Every website is different and some solutions to common problems like these may be a lot easier than you think. In this article we will look at some of the most common problems new members have on InfoBarrel and some simple solutions. If you have any suggestions, or additional questions not listed below, by all means leave a comment and ask or suggest it there so we can keep adding more helpful content to this article for other people to learn from in the future as InfoBarrel continues to expand.

How do I insert and edit pictures in my article?

InfoBarrel requires you to upload a picture from your own library. That means that any picture you find online that you want to use, you need to save it to your computer by right clicking it and choosing "Save Picture As..."

On your article editor, the first thing you do after choosing your title is to upload a picture. Do this by clicking the "Browse..." button. Locate your picture and open it, and then give it a title.

After choosing your media and giving it a title, click the "Add" button. This will place your media in the box below, which signifies that it has been uploaded. Whether you choose to place your media within the text of your article or not, it will always be visible on the right side of the page when your article is published.

If you want to add the picture to the text of your article, simply click the picture thumbnail and drag it into your editor to the appropriate place. Resize it to your specifications by clicking and dragging on the little squares on each corner of your picture.

If you don't have FireFox which automatically stretches it both vertically and horizontally simultaneously, making it easy to keep your picture from distorting, then you could edit the size in HTML mode. Switch over to HTML mode and locate the HTML code for your picture. You will notices that it has coding for the height and width. All you have to do is change these numbers and switch back to TEXT mode. You can use some math to determine the exact numbers to increase it to make sure it's stay proportionate. If you double the height, double the width. Don't add the same numbers to each one, add the same percentage to each one.

To word wrap your picture, most of the time you can just click on it, and then click one of the alignment options on your editor. However, sometimes this doesn't work. When it doesn't work, you need to switch over to HTML mode by clicking the HTML button on your editor toolbar. Find where your picture is coded in to the HTML version of your article. It should stand out if you look for a moment.

On either side of the HTML code for your picture (outside of the "<" brackets">"), add any of the following commands, exactly how they are typed out:

  • align="left"
  • align="right"
  • align="justify"
To delete pictures from your article, you'll need to delete both of them. Delete the one in your article body by clicking it and pressing the Delete key on your keyboard or right-clicking it and choosing the delete option. To delete the one in your media box, simply click on the little "X" in the top right corner of the thumbnail.

Why is it taking so long for my article to be approved?

If you are still waiting to be pre-approved and need to have your articles reviewed before they are published, it's not uncommon for you to get antsy and impatient. Since InfoBarrel is still young, the admins are still busy doing a lot of work trying to keep it running and make it better. Also, with new members constantly coming in, the work on their end is non-stop.

Most of the time an article gets reviewed within a day or two of submitting it. However, if you submit an article for review after Thursday evening, it may not be approved until the following Monday. This is because the admins take weekends off, and who can blame them? They are taking on a lot of responsibility keeping this site going and making it better with upgrades, all the while still trying to hand review every new member's article that comes in.

Be patient with the review process as this is one of the main reasons InfoBarrel is so highly regarded. Wait at least 7 days before you start worrying, and then use the Contact Us form to make sure there isn't a bug or glitch.


How do the signatures work?

The signatures can be very confusing for many new InfoBarrel members. Your signature is where you will be placing any self-serving links that you cannot put in your article (InfoBarrel allows a maximum of 2 self serving links per article). You can also use your signature to give a little biography of yourself, or any kind of background experience you have on the subject of your articles.

You can create an infinite amount of signatures and use different ones for each article, or you can use the same one for multiple articles. Many members have found success by putting their referral link embedded in some enticing anchor text.

To edit your signatures and create new ones, follow these simple steps:

  • Log on to your IB account
  • Visit the My InfoBarrel tab
  • Click the Manage My Account button
  • Scroll down to where you see the My Signatures box on the right side
  • Click on either the Add New or Edit buttons
  • Do your thing, and click Save Signature
  • While writing your article, you can choose between signatures in your editor with the drop down menu on the Signature box.

How do I private message my friends?

Unfortunately, as of April 2010, InfoBarrel has not integrated a private messaging system. However, the site is still young and growing. It will come in due time.

Why is my article not on Google when I search for it?

There's nothing scarier for an article writer when they notice that their article isn't on Google anywhere. There is almost never a need for alarm, though, as this happens a lot for a few different reasons.

One reason could be that your article has not been crawled or indexed yet because it is still too new. Give your article at least a week or maybe even two sometimes before you start panicking. InfoBarrel has a lot of favor on Google so most articles are indexed within hours, however Google is very busy and sometimes it just takes a while.

Is your article long enough? Your article should be at least 450 words for it to be indexed by Google. If your article is too short, that could be why you can't find it.

The Google Dance is another culprit for "missing" articles. Every so often Google will do a very thorough crawl of your content when it updates its search results. Within a few days of publishing, your article will get it's first big crawl and may disappear from the rankings for a few days, but only for certain keyword queries. This is when Google is analyzing your content, figuring out what it's about, making sure it's not spam, and deciding where to place it on the search results. About once a month, sometimes more often than that, your article will go through the Google Dance, as it gets a routine crawl.

Have you added, deleted, or changed a lot of the content in your article recently? This will normally trigger the Google bots to come back to your page and see what's going on, thus sending it back into the Google Dance. Check back every few days and it will reappear.

If you want to make sure your article has been indexed by Google, you need to do an site: search. Go to Google and type in "your article title". If Google comes up with no results for your article, then it hasn't been crawled yet.

If you want to see when the last time your article was crawled by Google, you need to look at the cache of your article. Go to Google and find your article however you choose to. Below your article listing you will see a link that says "Cache". Click it and read the dialogue box on the top of your screen when your page loads. It will tell you the date of around the last time Google crawled your page.

Why is my article ranking so low on Google?

This is another thing that drives article writers nuts, and there a some pretty simple reasons why it happens. You're either writing about a topic that is highly saturated or competitive, like "How to lose weight fast", or your article just simply doesn't deserve to be ranked high yet for several reasons.

If you don't have any backlinks to your article, that is one way to boost your ranking. Check out sites like Xomba, SheToldMe, Digg, Redgage, Mixx, or just type in "backlink bookmark sites" on Google and take your pick. These backlinks to your page tell Google that your article is helpful to someone, and you are rewarded by getting bumped up a few spots.

You also may not be using the right kinds of keywords, or not using your keywords enough. Try shooting for lower competition keywords for the best rankings (see my InfoBarrel 101 article on Keyword Research and Choosing Topics). Additionally, make sure you are using your keywords enough, but not too much. Often times people will overuse words like "they" or "it" instead of using the actual word, which could get you more traffic. Just make sure it doesn't sound spammy and you will be fine.

Articles will get better with time as they continue to mature. Keep adding backlinks or new information so that Google is constantly crawling it and your article will usually make its way up the rankings.

How can I tell that my ads are really being shown 75% of the time?

You can check the ads to see for yourself that your AdSense Publisher ID is embedded in them. To prove that yours is being shown the correct amount of times, reload the page 10 times and count how many times your Publisher ID shows compared to InfoBarrel's. Use your numbers to determine the percentage. It's not fool-proof because technically you would have to reload the page 100 times to get a precise answer, but it's close enough to prove that you're not getting scammed. The way to check your Publisher ID differs for each browser.

For Internet Explorer:
  • Right click on the ad unit of your article
  • Select Properties
  • Look at the Address (URL) and scroll down on it just a bit to see your Publisher ID
For FireFox:
  • Right click anywhere on your article
  • Select View Page Source
  • Scroll down to just about exactly halfway down the page when fully maximized
  • Locate the HTML coding for your AdSense ads
  • The Publisher ID will be shown in this group of text

How does Chitika, AdSense, and Amazon work?

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