InfoBarrel Scam?

I've recently noticed that one of the most popular searches related to InfoBarrel these days is "infobarrel scam". This tells me that there are a lot of people out there who have heard of InfoBarrel, heard of all the great things it has to offer, started to consider joining, and decided they would first make sure it's not one of those "too good to be true" moments.

Well, if you have searched for "infobarrel scam" and landed on this page, I can happily and proudly tell you right now that InfoBarrel is NOT a scam, and is the farthest thing away from being one when compared to the majority of other revenue share programs and content farms like eHow, Bukisa, Suite101, HubPages, Squidoo, and Helium. In this brief article I will explain exactly why "InfoBarrel" and "scam" should never be used in the same sentence.

How can InfoBarrel be a scam when....

...when they have one of the highest revenue share programs available? Infobarrel offers their users' AdSense units to be displayed 75% of the time their page is shown. In addition to this, members can compete in monthly contests and very easily raise their percentage to anywhere from 76%-90%. This generous revenue share dwarfs the competition from sites like HubPages and Squidoo, and even the pay-per-view sites like Bukisa and Associated Content.

How can InfoBarrel be a scam when....

...when they actually tell you up front exactly what percentage of ad revenue share you will receive? Other sites like eHow and Suite101 hide behind "secret algorithms" where you have literally no idea whatsoever how much of a cut you are getting. What if they are only giving you 20% on the good articles, and 80% on the bad ones? You have no idea, you just have to put your trust in them, which is never a good idea, and something you'll never have to worry about here on InfoBarrel.

How can InfoBarrel be a scam when....

...when they give you so many ways to earn money? If you win a monthly contest, or even if you place 2nd or 3rd, you get rewarded with Amazon gift cards. InfoBarrel also offers Amazon ad units that you can earn money off. When someone clicks on the ad and ends up buying something during that session, you get a 4% commission on the sale. After a few sales you increase your commission to 6%.

InfoBarrel also has Chitika. Chitika is another advertising company that InfoBarrel lets you earn from 100% of the time your page is displayed.

Not only that, but you can also implement a limited amount of affiliate links into your article and increase your earnings potential even further. How many other content sites have this many different ways to earn money? Not many at all.

How can InfoBarrel be a scam when....

...when you get paid directly from Google, directly from Amazon, and directly from Chitika. You never have to worry about a third-party payment arrangement on InfoBarrel, which further proves how InfoBarrel is not a scam.

You can check up on your AdSense units to make sure they are actually showing your AdSense ID the correct percentage. On Internet Explorer, you would right click the ad and click Properties. The URL of the ad will contain either yours or one of InfoBarrel's AdSense IDs.

On FireFox, you would go to the Tools tab, then to Page Source, where you will scroll down the page until you see the coding where yours or InfoBarrel's AdSense ID is displayed.

You can do this approximately 10 times and see for yourself that you are getting the correct percentage.

In addition to this, you can also link your InfoBarrel account up directly to AdSense and Analytics, giving you the ability to both track your earnings by individual articles, as well as check out where your traffic sources are coming from and what kinds of keywords people are using to find your articles on search engines.

How can InfoBarrel be a scam when....

...when I'm actually taking the time out of my day to write this article? I don't get paid by InfoBarrel to show my support for them. I do it because I truly believe that InfoBarrel is the best platform for online content writers. I have seen success with InfoBarrel, and there are many others on this site who have seen results that make mine look like chump change.

Sign up for InfoBarrel today and find out for yourself why InfoBarrel is about the furthest thing away from a scam that a site like this can get!

Also, here's a very informative chart created by one of InfoBarrel's top members, x3xsolxdierx3x, for even more compelling evidence as to why InfoBarrel is NOT a scam:

InfoBarrel Scam Comparison Chart