Anytime you join a new group or program such as Infobarrel it usually takes a while to find all the techniques necessary to upload files, add images, link to media pages and other tasks. InfoBarrel is no different. The system is user friendly once you find your way around. Admin continues to add new features and they run a terrific, friendly forum.

 You will find that the standards on InfoBarrel for submitting articles are some of the highest around. While this might cause you some distress as you submit your first articles you will soon understand that the rules are there to protect your efforts and help you gain the most income from your articles.

 As I visit the forum I continue to find questions about submitting articles, how to add images, hyperlinks, and other features that can be time consuming when you are getting started and are anxious to get your first article published. I felt I might be able to help in some small way by producing a video describing the methods I use to research, write and upload articles here at InfoBarrel.

Adding Images, Links And Media Pages

 In the attached video you will see how I add images and resize them. I'll show you how I collect my research material and keep organized. I'll describe the methods I use for keyword research. My goal with my articles is to get them written and uploaded as fast as possible but I always want to make sure that I have used good solid keywords to give me the best chance of attracting converting traffic once the articles age.

 These methods work for me but you may find better methods after you have been here awhile. My hope is that this video will get you started quickly so you can concentrate on your writing efforts and not spend any unnecessary time finding all the buttons to push.

 If you are confused by anything I describe just leave a question in the comment section and I will be glad to answer or help you in any way I can. Of course if you are an experienced InfoBarrel author and you find something that I am doing that is incorrect or if you have a better method you would like to share feel free to comment and leave a link to a helpful article, forum post or video.

Have You Visited The Forum Lately?

One of the first things you should do as a new InfoBarrel author is to spend time in the forum. You will find answers to many of your questions there simply by searching through the posts. The members here go to great lengths to help anyone that has questions. There is a lot of experience available among the members here. Don't be afraid to put it to good use.

 I had intended to include a demonstration of inserting videos into InfoBarrel articles but this video rapidly became too long. You will probably need to pack a lunch to find your way through the video as it is. It is about 45 minutes but if you are new to Infobarrel hopefully your time will be well spent.