I've been using Infobarrel for just a couple of weeks now and thought I would write up my experience. First off I should say that I've been slow in writing articles and have just submitted three at the time of writing this. Nevertheless, here is my opinion on using Infobarrel so far which may be useful to those people getting started:

- Registration is straightforward taking no more than a couple of minutes to register. Just a small amount of information is required which I like.

- Creating an article is easy. You simply write your article, give it a title, and select a category for it such as "mathematics" or "history", from the list provided by Infobarrel.

- Linking to your Adsense account is easy, and the percentage rate you get is great as Infobarrel will give you 75% of all Adsense revenues generated by your articles. This is better than any other similar site I know of. You should be aware that Kontera adverts are displayed on the articles you write and that 100% of revenue from these adverts is kept by Infobarrel.

- One negative so far is that it's taking a long time for my articles to be approved (24 hours) as each one is manually checked. I realise this is the SLA but for an impatient person like me eager to see his article published it's a bit of a drag. From what I understand, once you have published more than 10 articles they will no longer have to be manually checked and will publish immediately.

- The second article I submitted was declined by Infobarrel. But this was done in a very professional way - a polite message was sent to me explaining what I had done wrong and how to rectify it so my article no longer breeched the Infobarrel article rules :)


Overall I'm finding Infobarrel very easy to use. The site works great for me, especially as my head is constantly filled with random pieces of information, and I plan on continuing to contribute to it over the long term. Now I can write these down and earn some money for them – the revenue share from Adsense is the highest I know of. I've yet to earn a dime from Infobarrel but that's not a surprise or disappointment for me. My main blog took one whole year before it started to earn anything and now earns enough to pay the mortgage each month, so I'm happy to sit back and wait a number of months before I earn anything with Infobarrel.

If you'd like to sign up for Infobarrel and start earning some money then you can do so here: Signup for Infobarrel. Yes, this is an affiliate link, but if you don't want to use it here. Good luck to everyone using Infobarrel.