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Tips to get Featured

Include Pictures

Include high quality pictures in your article.  You can always use Wikipedia (creative common images) and or Morguefile to get royalty free pictures, just make sure you properly credit them.  Without pictures in your article, the chances of getting featured are significantly lower.


While citations are not required, we will lean more towards articles with citations where applicable.  This improves article credibility

Attractive Formatting

When appropriate use headings, and break your article up into digestible chunks.  If you are writing a top list, include matching widths to make everything look uniform. 


Your article should provide value to the end user. At the end of the day, try to make the article entertaining to read while being as resourceful as possible

For more information on formatting your article to increase your chances of being featured, check out the Anatomy of Viral Content article.

December Editorial Calendar

The following is our list of topics being used for our editorial calendar for the month of December.  Bolded entries are topics that have very few or even zero submissions.  Submitting to these topics will greatly increase your chances of getting featured.

Dec-1 Guide To Real Estate (Flipping, Agents, Renos, etc)
Dec-1 Top List
Dec-2 Holiday Events and Attractions in… (pick a city)
Dec-2 Budgeting Software/Apps
Dec-3 Top ??? For 2011 (Games, Toys, Books, etc)
Dec-3 Car Maintenance Guides (Change oil, change breaks, etc)
Dec-4 Stocking Stuffer/Gift Exchange Ideas
Dec-4 Mid-life Dating
Dec-5 Extreme  Couponing
Dec-5 Quick Fitness (At Home, At Office, etc)
Dec-6 Shopping Apps
Dec-6 Sport Rivalries
Dec-7 Holiday Decoration (Ideas, Tips, Tricks, Etc)
Dec-7 Pearl Harbour 70 Years Later (History, Then and now, etc)
Dec-8 Top List
Dec-8 Dry Skin & Moisturizing
Dec-9 Holiday Music (Lists, Classics, etc)
Dec-9 Herbs & Health
Dec-10 Eco Friendly Christmas
Dec-10 Online Identity (What not to post on Facebook, Protect Yourself, etc)
Dec-11 Holiday Getaways/Travel
Dec-11 Beginner's Guide to … (Photography, DJing, Painting, etc)
Dec-12 In Your City (Places to Eat, Attractions, Landmarks, Etc)
Dec-12 Winter Sports (Skiing, Skating, etc)
Dec-13 Holiday Movies (Top List, For Kids, Etc)
Dec-13 Winter Clothing
Dec-14 Business Biographies
Dec-14 Easy Ways to Improve Home Value
Dec-15 Frugal Shopping
Dec-15 People that Changed the World
Dec-16 Top List
Dec-16 Hair (Styling, Care, etc)
Dec-17 Kids Health
Dec-17 Education While Working
Dec-18 Self Defence & Personal Safety
Dec-18 Jobs of the Near Future
Dec-19 Used Cars (What to look for, maintenance, etc)
Dec-19 Event Planning
Dec-20 Chanukah
Dec-20 Women in Business
Dec-21 In Your City (Places to Eat, Attractions, Landmarks, Etc)
Dec-21 Diabetic Food (Holiday foods, what to avoid, what to eat, etc)
Dec-22 Holiday Cooking (Recipes, Meals, Etc)
Dec-22 Top List
Dec-23 Green Cleaning Tips
Dec-23 Boxing Day Shopping (Preparation, Line-up Tips, Etc)
Dec-24 Christmas Eve Traditions
Dec-24 Regifting
Dec-25 Xmas
Dec-25 Holiday Movie Guide (In Theatres, to Rent, Family Fun, etc)
Dec-26 Boxing Day Top Lists (Longest lines, Best Deals, etc)
Dec-26 Tablet or Laptop (Pros & Cons, Functions, etc)
Dec-27 New Years Party Planning
Dec-27 Social Media Guide (How to, What is it, etc)
Dec-28 Chanukah
Dec-28 Disposing/Recycling Electronics
Dec-29 Top List
Dec-29 Pregnancy (Tips, Health, etc)
Dec-30 Party Preparation (Food, Music lists, etc)
Dec-30 Beginner's Guide to … (Photography, DJing, Painting, etc)
Dec-31 Places to Ring in the New Year
Dec-31 2011 In Review

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