For February I earned a total of $132.95 from InfoBarrel. My InfoBarrel earnings started of very slowly during the first couple of weeks, and then shot way up only to fall flat the last few days. My traffic now is about where it was before, even though I added many new articles.

I am glad to announce that I finally made my first Amazon sale! I hope to get at least one more this month, but I am not holding my breath.

This month I will continue to add more content to InfoBarrel and see how my earnings look. Last month I began my InfoBarrel outsourcing project, and most of the articles I published were outsourced. I have a few more to publish this month that I outsourced, and then I will let them age for a few months and see which article providers provide the best return on my money.

Although I am adding some out sourced articles to InfoBarrel, I will continue to write a lot of my own content as well.

I will work to get 4,000 articles published on InfoBarrel, and then hopefully I will reach a $1,000 a month with InfoBarrel earnings by then. My InfoBarrel earnings 2011 forecast may be off with the new Google update, but we will see.

I would still like to earn at least $1,000 per month with InfoBarrel, but it may take much longer than I had figured it would because of the Google change, but I am holding out hope that they still rank individual articles and not the entire website.

I had planned to spend the vast majority of my time writing for InfoBarrel this month, but because of the Google changes I have began another website, and it is not a niche blog. I am spreading out even more so I can capitalize on the new changes to the Google search engine.

The Google changes show that we need to spend more time working on building up affiliate commissions. This was my first month since I have been a member on InfoBarrel that I actually earned some money with Amazon. I had one customer who purchased 12 items. I hope I can continue to get some Amazon sales. Ideally I would like to receive 1 Amazon sale each day because that would be a real boost to my InfoBarrel earnings.

Although I may need to revamp my strategy, I still feel InfoBarrel provides a great way to earn money online. I will continue to publish more articles this month.

I have no predictions for this month. I will simply look at my earnings and hope they increase. I added a lot of new content last month, and hopefully I will begin to earn some more off of those articles. In addition to adding more articles I will also begin to go back and edit a few of my older articles by adding more information and making them longer, and then hopefully I may build my earnings back up. In the future I may take batches of my articles that are similar, yet not earning, and remove them from InfoBarrel and start a niche blog with those articles, but for now I will simply add more content and hope that my earnings go up. 

February Earnings InfoBarrel 2011