Below are a few rules for the forum. Please adhere to them so that we can keep the forum a place where InfoBarrelers can come and teach, learn and chat. The list is not exhaustive and we will probably add to it as new things come to light.

Forum Rules

No soliciting other websites or services this includes:

  • Requesting users join other writing platforms
  • Advertising your personal or business web site.
  • Requesting users to complete offers that will make you money

No requesting users signup to Infobarrel using your ID.

Be polite and courteous to other users at all times. This means NO derogatory, racial, or hateful comments to any person for any reason what so ever. Everybody is new at some point, so let us all try and give each other a helping hand.

Avoid the use of bad language (swear words).

Respect the administrators and moderators; we have the best interest of the site and the users in mind, if we make a decision, please accept it.

When having an article reviewed, please do not request users to rate/vote on your article. The forum is here to supply constructive criticism; if somebody likes your article, they will vote for it.

No soliciting social media up votes in the forum; you are free to share your account information, but please do not solicit users to vote on content.

Keep off topic conversation in the Off Topic forum. If a category doesn't exist that you would like to see on the forum, please contact us using the Contact Us form.

Absolutely NO SPAM. Spammers membership will be instantly removed.