Starting out on InfoBarrel is Intimidating

When I first found out about InfoBarrel, not only was I skeptical, but I was also very intimidated by all the writers who already have thousands of articles and how they have seemed to cover every article you could possibly imagine.

After I looked at the website back in April, I decided it was not the right choice for me and I would just be wasting my time.  I gave up and exited out of the site without even giving it a try. 

I remember when I first found the site, I book marked it so I would not lose it, incase I actually used it.  As I was going through my bookmarks yesterday, I noticed it and thought about how it would be nice to get paid for something not only I enjoy, but that would help out other people and I would still be getting paid after my work was done.

It made me feel like a real author when I thought about it.  I could publish my article and years from now, still collect gains from it.  I wrote my first article which was a HOW TO, so cliche and if you can throw a pebble into the mass of articles you would more than likely hit one that was similar to mine.

After writing that article and submitting it for review, I felt like I failed.  Like I wouldn't get anything out of it, and with it not yet approved, I may not get anything out of it.  So once again, I was contemplating giving up.

I was looking around InfoBarrel and reading some articles and realized, I am not the only one that has a hard time starting out.  I see articles from people who started out writing thirty to fourty articles and only getting one total click!  This at first would seem like a horror story and a tell tale sign to stop right now, until I kept reading.

I noticed that it takes hard work and dedication to make gains on this site and I knew it was within reach.  I would just have to put effort into it.  The point of this article is to hopefully catch a few people that were about to give up and keep them here, giving great articles to the world and making a profit from it.

I am now setting a goal of ten articles, which is a very low goal but a goal at that.  If I make it to ten, then my next goal will be fifty, then one-hundred.  But right now I am setting it at ten and hoping to reach it very soon, with quality work.

With the hard work you put into this writing you can really make a profit and do not let the great writers that are already part of this site intimidate you and make you feel like you cannot do it.  Most of the one-thousand plus article writers started out right where you are, with fear for wasting time.  Now they are glad they put that effort and devotion into their work and are making a decent amount of money for work they may have done months ago.