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Tips to get Featured

Include Pictures

Include high quality pictures in your article.  You can always use Wikipedia (creative common images) and or Morguefile to get royalty free pictures, just make sure you properly credit them.  Without pictures in your article, the chances of getting featured are significantly lower.


While citations are not required, we will lean more towards articles with citations where applicable.  This improves article credibility

Attractive Formatting

When appropriate use headings, and break your article up into digestible chunks.  If you are writing a top list, include matching widths to make everything look uniform. 

Add Maps

Maps are our latest article element and are a great way to illustrate where certain landmarks can be located and are especially beneficial when describing locations.


Your article should provide value to the end user. At the end of the day, try to make the article entertaining to read while being as resourceful as possible

For more information on formatting your article to increase your chances of being featured, check out the Anatomy of Viral Content article.

March Editorial Calendar

The following is our list of topics being used for our editorial calendar for the month of Febuary.  Bolded entries are topics that have very few or even zero submissions.  Submitting to these topics will greatly increase your chances of getting featured.

Mar-1 Spring Break Travel
Mar-1 Gadgets
Mar-2 Women's Health
Mar-2 History of...
Mar-3 Alternative Medicine
Mar-3 Motorcycles
Mar-4 Charitable Foundations
Mar-4 Beginners Guide to...
Mar-5 Unsolved Mysteries
Mar-5 Recipes & Cooking
Mar-6 Career Advancement
Mar-6 Facts About...
Mar-7 Spring Break Travel
Mar-7 Gaming (Board, Video, portable, etc)
Mar-8 Top List
Mar-8 Entertaining (Parties, Dinners, events etc)
Mar-9 Travel (Tips, destinations, guides, etc)
Mar-9 Rags to Riches (Success stories)
Mar-10 Taxes (Help, tips, guides, etc)
Mar-10 Top List
Mar-11 Stocks & Investing
Mar-11 Music (Artists, Intruments, Songs, etc)
Mar-12 Old Wives Tales
Mar-12 Vehicle Customizing
Mar-13 Destructive Relationships
Mar-13 Top List
Mar-14 Mental Health
Mar-14 Spring Break Travel
Mar-15 Outer Space
Mar-15 St Patrick's Day Recipes
Mar-16 Beginners Guide to...
Mar-16 Ancient History
Mar-17 St Patrick's Day
Mar-17 Environmental Gadgets
Mar-18 Recipes & Cooking
Mar-18 Men's Health
Mar-19 History of...
Mar-19 Social Media
Mar-20 My Favorite (Game, Movie, Restaurant, etc)
Mar-20 Politics
Mar-21 World War II
Mar-21 Outdoor Spring Activities
Mar-22 Film (Actors, Movies, Styles, etc)
Mar-22 Importing Vehicles
Mar-23 Gardening
Mar-23 Adolescent Obesity/Weight Loss
Mar-24 Top List
Mar-24 Taxes (Help, tips, guides, etc)
Mar-25 Phone Apps (Reviews, Tips, Lists, etc)
Mar-25 Crafts & Hobbies
Mar-26 Beginners Guide to...
Mar-26 Law & Legal Issues
Mar-27 Recipes & Cooking
Mar-27 Organized Sports for Adults
Mar-28 Traveling With Small Children
Mar-28 Anything Science
Mar-29 History of...
Mar-29 Facts About...


Upcoming TV Technology


Debunking Myths
Mar-31 Gardening
Mar-31 Beginners Guide to...

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