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Tips to get Featured

Include Pictures

Include high quality pictures in your article.  You can always use Wikipedia (creative common images) and or Morguefile to get royalty free pictures, just make sure you properly credit them.  Without pictures in your article, the chances of getting featured are significantly lower.


While citations are not required, we will lean more towards articles with citations where applicable.  This improves article credibility

Attractive Formatting

When appropriate use headings, and break your article up into digestible chunks.  If you are writing a top list, include matching widths to make everything look uniform. 

Add Maps

Maps are our latest article element and are a great way to illustrate where certain landmarks can be located and are especially beneficial when describing locations.


Your article should provide value to the end user. At the end of the day, try to make the article entertaining to read while being as resourceful as possible

For more information on formatting your article to increase your chances of being featured, check out the Anatomy of Viral Content article.

May Editorial Calendar

The following is our list of topics being used for our editorial calendar for the month of May.  Bolded entries are topics that have very few or even zero submissions.  Submitting to these topics will greatly increase your chances of getting featured.

01-May Top/Hot/Worst/Etc List
01-May Spring Cleaning
02-May Gardening
02-May Photography
03-May Family Conflict Resolution
03-May Beginners Guide to...
04-May Sports
04-May Long Term Relationships and Romance
05-May Facts About…
05-May Cinco De Mayo
06-May Celebrities - Where are they now
06-May Marine Life
07-May History Of…
07-May Cars & Trucks
08-May Bachelor/Bachelorette Travelling
08-May New Parents (what to expect, tips, tricks)
09-May Frugal Living
09-May Top/Hot/Worst/Etc List
10-May Women's Issues
10-May Gaming (Board, Video, portable, etc)
11-May Anything Science
11-May Beginners Guide to...
12-May Balanced Living 
12-May Film (Actors, Movies, Styles, etc)
13-May Facts About…
13-May Mothers Day
14-May Success Stories (People, Companies, Products)
14-May Fishing & Camping
15-May Gadgets
15-May Weddings (planning, locations, gimmicks)
16-May Crafts & Hobbies
16-May My Favorite (Game, Movie, Restaurant, etc)
17-May Unsolved Mysteries
17-May Diet & Nutrition
18-May History Of…
18-May Oldies but goodies (classic Movies, games, books,)
19-May Summer Vacation Planning
19-May Functional Mobile Apps
20-May Controversial Issues (Death penalty, Deep Sea Drilling, Etc)
20-May Music (Artists, Intruments, Songs, etc)
21-May Financial planning
21-May Recipes & Cooking
22-May Hording (Synptoms, resolutions, stories)
22-May Health 
23-May Green living
23-May Top/Hot/Worst/Etc List
24-May Funerals (planning, coping, recovering)
24-May Gardening
25-May Hiking and Outdoor activities
25-May Facts About…
26-May Self Improvement
26-May Addiction (Drugs, Social Networks, Food, etc)
27-May Great Eats (Restauants in your area)
27-May Gadgets
28-May Memorial Day
28-May Investing
29-May Beginners Guide to...
29-May Dealing with Inlaws
30-May History Of…
30-May Anything Science
31-May Politics
31-May Travel

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