There are a lot of positive aspects of writing articles for InfoBarrel. Chances are, if you are an online writer, you write for more than one site. This means that you have to think long and hard about where to spend your writing time.

The rules and regulations at InfoBarrel are very clear and easy to understand. With InfoBarrel, what you see is what you get. There is no "reading between the lines" of the rules page to try to decipher any possible unwritten (but still enforced) rules. If you read the FAQ (the frequently asked questions), which are not excessively long or involved, you will know exactly how to proceed. The rules are enforced fairly and equally across the board. You never have to worry about having any problems down the road if you follow the rules exactly.

You can also link to your other web content from your InfoBarrel articles. To be precise, you can link to two of your other articles (or blog posts or websites). This is another really lovely perk, because a lot of people have other web content that they need to promote, and InfoBarrel enables you to do exactly that. Do not abuse the privilege, however. InfoBarrel states explicitly that we are to use no more than two self serving links in any InfoBarrel article. It's important for all users to comply with this rule in order to ensure that it will be around for a long time to come.

Writers feel they are treated respectfully here. They get quick responses to their questions when they contact the staff via email. People who feel respected and well treated tend to work harder. The staff of InfoBarrel seems to grasp this key rule of how to conduct business and they adhere to it strictly and without exception. They want happy, productive writers, after all.

In addition, InfoBarrel currently has a PR (Page Rank) in Google of 4. This is a very respectable Page Rank, and it is likely to increase over the course of time as the site continues to mature and the amount of quality content on the site continues to grow.

But perhaps the best part of writing articles for InfoBarrel is the freedom that writers have to write in a number of different formats. If your greatest writing strength is writing "How To" articles, that is one of the formats you can use. If you like to review products and services so that consumers can get a clear, unbiased and honest picture of what they are thinking about buying, you can spend the bulk of your time writing reviews. You can also write video based articles, a great feature, as videos are being used more and more on blogs and websites. Finally, and best of all, you can write articles in a totally blank format, meaning that you have total freedom to write whatever you want (within reason, of course), about any topics that are of particular interest to you