Another month has come and gone and this past month was quite a crazy month too. As we all know the "Farmers Update" to G's algorithm hit late in the month which has decreased many people's traffic and in the beginning of the month the temporary deindexing of the IB site as it switched over to IB 2.0 also put a damper on traffic. Nevertheless I found my February was the best month I've ever had on IB, if only by a little. Of course it was by FAR my best month ever from all sources combined. :)

Early in February on my January Income Report I planned on "maybe" going on an IB publishing binge but it never happened. Instead I continued working heavily on backlink some winners here and elsewhere and continued building some other websites of mine. I finally took the time to join up with Commission Junction and plan on incorporating some of that into my March plan but yet again for the month of February my earnings here on IB are based on the income generated from just three sources: Amazon, Chitika, and Adsense.

As I noted last month I also promote The Keyword Academy here on IB as well on my Residual Income blog and although I have gotten a number of referrals into the program I do not consider this IB income – for me I consider this affiliate income tied to my blog so I do not report on that in these reports. Of the people I know of who have signed up for TKA under me recently many have let me know that they've been happy with the program so far and I've even helped a few others really get into the groove there.

In my opinion the best part of TKA is the PostRunner guest posting system that all members have access to. It is arguably the best place possible to generate legitimate backlink to your articles by writing guestposts to other blogs. The system is a lot like a matchmaker in some ways and it's worth checking out if you are serious about making good money online.

February was actually one of my most active months using PostRunner and the results really showed as my over all income online shot up more than I ever imagined was possible just a few months ago. I really had a good month. Some of those guest posts went to promoting my material here as well as some other websites but unfortunately only a small portion of my income gains were here on IB.

During the month of February (in regards to IB only) I added a good handful of articles here and despite the month being only 28 days and despite a few days of deindexed articles and a algorithm change that didn't help the domain my income here still increased to its highest total ever. Over the course of February I made a total of $619.58 here on InfoBarrel up 7 percent over January. The break down is as follows:

Amazon - $86.29 (+35.5%)

Chitika - $75.19 (-12.9%)

Adsense - $458.10 (+6.9%)

Total – $619.58 (+7.1%)

If you've been following along with my IB work for any amount of time then you know that I'm on a quest to really make some strides in my Amazon affiliate earnings here on IB. I have one article in particular titled The Best Travel Mug To Keep Coffee Hot which is the center of my IB Amazon attention. This one article is not by any means the only Amazon article I have here but it is the case study I am doing on the topic of making Amazon earnings on IB and is the example used in my make money with Amazon on InfoBarrel article which I posted back in January. I have really been promoting it and it is slowly climbing the SERPs. If I can get more eyeballs on it the article should continue to improve sales month after month.

In January the article sold 22 travel mugs and in February the article sold 28. I look forward to the day when that single article is selling 100 travel mugs or more – I don't expect that day is too far off.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how the algo change continues to affect the traffic and earnings here on IB in the future but I still content that IB is an amazing place to make money and an amazing place to launch your other web endeavors. Build your own site, promote it here on IB and then backlink it by posting guestposts and diversify your income. The more you work and the more you diversify the more financially secure you will be.

If you haven't yet taken a look at my entire journey here on InfoBarrel head over to my lifetime InfoBarrel earnings page where I summarize all my previous months and if you have not yet joined InfoBarrel then let me encourage you to take that step today. Think of all the time you spend watching TV and messing around on Facebook, give some of that time to your online portfolio and one day, sooner than you think, you'll be paying the bills with your online earnings and using your day job salary as beer money. I know I'm starting to lean towards the latter. :)