I easily make a lot more money writing for Examiner than I do writing articles for InfoBarrel. The reason I am still concentrating on writing 1,500 for Infobarrel by the end of this year is because of faith. I am making a little bit of money on InfoBarrel but I have faith that it will drastically increase. Like Jesus, I have faith in the Infobarrel system.

A combination of factors will lead me to high Adsense earnings on Infobarrel. A huge folio of articles I have wrote for Infobarrel, more traffic to the InfoBarrel, aging of articles in the Google search results, and a higher Google Page Rank for the InfoBarrel website.

ScribeMy CPM last December was really good. My CPM this month is very low. I attribute a lot of this to all of the Social Network traffic I drove to my articles. A lot of this traffic will rarely if ever click an ad. If I did no Twitter and FaceBook promoting my CPM would be higher however the name of the game is money and if my social network traffic gives me an 3-4 dollars a month than that is fine with me.

In the InfoBarrel forum they talked about how January is generally a lower month for Adsense earnings for all websites in general. My Adsense earnings are much less this month on InfoBarrel then what I though they would be last month. I have faith. I know for a fact I will earn more next month and if I follow my lofty plans then I will be pumping out at least 4 articles per day on average. My Chitika earnings so far this month is $1.11 and my Adsense earnings are $15.61. I have earned a grand total of $16.72 for the month of January which is about over.

I want my earnings to increase drastically over the next few months. If my earnings NEVER increase on InfoBarrel then it is still not as bad as it seems. If I only make $16.71 A from now on and never write more then the Adsense earnings will still add up. $16.71 per month over the next 10 years equals out to $2,006.40

That is over $2,000 over the next 10 years without doing any additional work at all. That's pretty cool too me. I will however reach my goal of having 1,500 articles on InfoBarrel and I hope do eventually make the $1,000 a month club on InfoBarrel. I have faith and believe in InfoBarrel. Do You?

Image Credit: (Flickr/David Hudson Floyd)