InfoBarrel vs Squidoo, which one is better? Which one should you write for? What kind of articles does best at Squidoo, which ones at InfoBarrel?

I thought I would share my thoughts about this topic as I have been writing for both platforms for more than a year now.

1. Quick Presentation

Both platforms are based on the same idea: people join the site, write articles about the topic they want (as long as it follows the TOS of the site) and can get a bit of money out of it. Both platforms rank pretty well with google and both platforms have a quite big community. Squidoo is a bit older and has more users though.

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2. Things Both Platforms Are Doing Well

It is easy to write articles on both platforms. You can add pre-defined modules to your articles such as a text module or a video module, you write basically the same way you would write a Word document, etc...

Both platforms make it easy for your readers to leave a comment, rate your article and share it on different social media (facebook, twitter, ...).

Both platforms are making it fun to write articles through trophies, level and lensrank for Squidoo and through achievements and contests for InfoBarrel. 

Both platforms have a nice and active forum. IB forum is more friendly and casual (no locked thread, less spammy "look at my article" threads) but, on the hand, posting in the Squidoo forums bring more readers to your articles (personal experience) and some games are running there. 

3. Adsense or Not Adsense, Amazon Affiliates or Not

On Squidoo, you are paid based on the ranking of your articles. This ranking depend on many things: traffic, clicks, likes, comments, ... You can use your own affiliates links or use pre-defined modules with Squidoo affiliates.

On InfoBarrel, you are paid depending on traffic and on wether your readers click or not on the ads. You can use your own Google Adsense account or asked to be paid directly by InfoBarrel (in this case, InfoBarrel will display ads with its id and share the revenue with you afterwards). You get also some money from the so-called Tier 2 ads (additional ads, others than Adsense). These are paid to you directly by InfoBarrel (with minimum checkout of $50, instead of $100 for Adsense).

On InfoBarrel, you need your own Amazon affiliates id.

4. Things that Squidoo Does Better

I feel that Squidoo is a bit better for interactive content. Polls, debates, quiz,... are easier to create at Squidoo. Also, you have a bit more flexibility through themes, html editing, side widgets...

PollCredit: adragast

Example of Poll from a Squidoo lens

The other thing that is practical with Squidoo is that you are allowed to include many outbound links. 9 maximum to a certain domain, knowing that some domains are whitelisted (amazon, blogger, ...) and don't count in this limit (you can have as many links as you want towards them). At InfoBarrel, you are only allowed to have 2 outbound links inside your article and 2 in your signature  (Amazon does not count in this limit and you can have 1 Amazon link for every 200 words).

5. Things that InfoBarrel Does Better

It may be mean to say so, but InfoBarrel does not lock your articles without telling you the reason for it. Also, lensmasters basically compete against each other for a place in the paying Tiers. If everyone is doing better than you, you won't be paid.

At InfoBarrel, you will be paid depending on traffic (and clicks) and this has nothing to do with how better other writers are doing. On the opposite, if other authors are doing great, it will be beneficial for the site and thereafter for your articles. 

Getting featured on the front page is also better handled by InfoBarrel as 3 are selected and as the selection is based on a topic calendar.

6. What Kind of Article Fits Better to Which Platform?

Many people choose the best of both worlds and write for both platforms. Here are some simple tips to know which article can do better on which platform:

Can you update your article regularly?

If an article can be updated regularly, it will be easier to improve its rank. On the other hand, articles based on historical events, recipes and overall hard-to-update topics may do better at InfoBarrel.

Several outbound links:

If you want/need more than 2 outbound links, then Squidoo is the only option. Also, click outs help the rank of a lens, so if you know readers will click on them, Squidoo may be a better bet.

Little money is better than no money at all:

I feel that for newcomers especially, InfoBarrel is more generous. Little traffic articles will bring you no money at all at Squidoo as lenses outside Tier3 do not make any money at all with ads. At InfoBarrel, if you have an article which is seen by only a few persons every month, you can still make money with it, especially if these persons click on an ad.

"Guys" topics:

I may be wrong but I feel that "guys" topics get a bit more attention at InfoBarrel than at Squidoo (publication on front page, reads from other writers, ...). Video games, chess, ... many are featured at InfoBarrel, while Squidoo likes better crafty articles.

Personal stories:

Squidoo likes personal stories. If you want to write about your own adventure, your own experience with something, Squidoo may want it more than InfoBarrel

7. Moving Content from Squidoo to InfoBarrel

InfoBarrel wants original articles BUT you can still move content from Squidoo to InfoBarrel if you want it, as long as you delete the original version of it (you cannot have your content duplicated here and at Squidoo).

To move articles, here is the procedure:

1) Backup your article

2) Delete your lens

3) Restore your content here as a new article

If you get a duplicated content error, take contact with the admins (username "admin"), they are very eager to help in general and will help you in this particular case too.

Remember that the rules are a bit different: 

- 1 Amazon link per 200 words

- 2 outbound links max inside the article (+ 2 max in the signature). Avoid links at the top of the article

- no call-to-action links like "click here", "go there", "check this", ...

- for more details:


Interested in giving InfoBarrel a try? You will probably enjoy the community here a lot!

If you use my referral link, don't hesitate to take contact with me, I will try to help you as much as I can for you to have a great start here!

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