Article Checklist - To ensure that we don't miss something important

O.K., So there is a ton of information about writing articles on the internet.

InfoBarrell, Ezine, and all the major article writing websites list their requirements and suggestions for submitting articles.

Many others talk about the do's and don'ts.

  • Do write original content.
  • Do learn as much as you can about your subject.
  • Do make it topical.
  • Don't Make it overly self-serving.
  • Don't be vague.

So with all the information out there, why do we need a checklist?

  1. Organization.
    It's easy to suffer from 'Information Overload' when you read through their guidelines and requirements. This checklist is the one I use to condense the guidelines part into very specific bite-sized parts  (You will, of course, still have to comply with each of their requirements part, but those are different for each one so I won't regurgitate them here)

  2. Satisfaction. 
    I like to Conquer each task by physically checking it off of my list.

  3. Well, there really isn't a number 3, so the first two reasons will just have to do.  ;)

Using a checklist can help us avoid missing a key item.

The Checklist

  • Introduction
    (Did you clearly tell the reader what you are going to tell them?)

  • Keywords in first few words
    (Are your top keywords in the first 3 or 4 words of the title?)

  • Keyword Density
    Less than 5% for single words
    Less than 4% for 2 word phrases
    Less than 3% for 3 word phrases
    Less than 2% for 4 word phrases

  • Bullet Points
    (Did you use Bullet points for readability?)

  • Did you use some 'White Space'?
    (White space also helps readability.)

  • No more than 2 Self serving links in body
    Only do these to expand on the subject in a way that your reader will appreciate.

  • 2 Self-serving links in Resource area
    Definitely do these. This is the area that is made for self-promotion.

  • Word count 400-600
    If you have trouble writing at least 400 words then maybe it's not worth writing an article.
    If it's more than 600 your readers will be more likely to cut and run before they get to the credits.

  • Summary
    (Did you clearly tell the reader what you told them?)

  • Spellcheck
    Nothing hurts your credibility more than misspellings ;)

  • Proofread
     Read aloud. If it doesn't sound right aloud, it won't sound right in your reader's noggin.

Using this checklist will ensure that you don't forget an important part of your article.