2012 was a great year for InfoBarrel.  We experienced ups and downs with all the Google updates, site updates and other random happenings, but overall we experienced positive growth over 2012.

Fireworks of SuccessCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tambako/

We are lucky to have so many amazing writers who contibute their hard work. These writers are helping make InfoBarrel one of the premier writing sites online.  We know that quality content is what makes or breaks a site, and we continue to strive to get the best content which helps authors get the exposure they need.

 The following 12 articles were the most popular content on InfoBarrel throughout 2012.  Most of this content went viral in some form or another and was responsible for over 1.2 million visitors to InfoBarrel over the year.

12: Top 10 Most Valuable Basketball Cards
Author: Sound_Foundation
Visitors: 47,000+

11: 8 Drinks That Will Make You Fat
Author: Ryan
Visitors: 48,500+

10: How to Make Yourself Sick
Author: Jorge
Visitors: 51,000+

9: Candle Centerpiece Ideas - Decorative Candles 
Author: Mike Moyer
Visitors: 63,000+

8: 130 Good Horror Movies Every Fan Has to See
Author: Paul Sidwell
Traffic: 64,000+

7: 10 Largest Sharks in the World
Author: Ryan
Traffic: 79,500+

6: Top 10 Most Valuable Baseball Cards
Author: Sound_Foundation
Visitors: 82,000+

5: How to Relieve Severe Gas Pain and Bloating Without Medication
Author: DebDavies
Visitors: 100,000+

4: Twenty One Sexiest Female Super Heroes
Author: KHMellyMel
Visitors: 120,000+

3: The 7 Grossest Creatures to Ever Wash up on Shore
Author: Simon
Visitors: 142,000+

2: 10 English Words with Unexpected Definitions
Author: Visitors: 209,000+

1: 12 Most Dangerous Tourist Attractions in the World
Author: IBOriginals
Visitors: 210,000+