2013 was a year of changes for IB.  We launched the IB Ads system and started selling ads directly, introduced the scoring system for articles, added the rating element and added many tools that help us ensure that IB has the best possible content.

It has been great to have so many amazing writers contribute to InfoBarrel and without them, the site wouldn't exist.  They push each other to create the best possible content and are as much of the force behind InfoBarrel as anyone.

Now onto what you're here for, the top 13 of 2013.

13: 10 English Words With Unexpected Definitions
Author: K.C. Allen
Visitors: 26K

12: Edging a Flower Bed With Cement Pavers
Author: Domain_Diva
Visitors: 27K

11: Top 10 Healthiest Dog Breeds
Author: Vic Dillinger
Visitors: 27K

10: Top 10 Most Valuable Basketball Cards
Author: Sound_Foundation
Visitors: 30K

9: How to Relieve Severe Gas Pain and Bloating Without Medication
Author: DebDavies
Visitors: 30K

8: Top 5 tips for beating level 65 on Candy Crush Saga
Author: Chase
Visitors: 35K

7: Tips to Beat Level 23 on Candy Crush Saga
Author: Chase
Visitors: 37K

6: 22 Habits of Unhappy People
Author: IBOriginals
Visitors: 39K

5: Nike FuelBand Review - Burn Fuel to be Fit
Author: Ryan
Visitors: 51K

4: Weird Foods of the World and the People Who Eat Them
Author: IBOriginals
Visitors: 51K

3: Beauty is Pain - Horrifying Beauty Practices Throughout History
Author: Amerowolf
Visitors: 52K

2: The 7 Grossest Creatures To Ever Wash Up On Shore
Author: Simon
Visitors: 87K

1: Top 5 Tips for Beating Level 33 on Candy Crush Saga
Author: Chase
Visitors: 116K