What a month. I’m on a roll!  This month I had a huge surge in earnings and I learned a HUGE lesson!

Well, I must confess that I fell out of the honeymoon phase with InfoBarrel this month. I just lost my motivation to write after the first week of March. I only wrote 8 new articles this month which is way behind my 30 article goal that I set for myself. The upside is that three of my articles were over 1,000 words.Every month I tell myself that I really should write 30 articles to keep myself motivated but I haven’t managed to hit the 30 article a month mark. Perhaps that’s, why I’m getting bored with InfoBarrel already even though my earnings were way up.

For the second month in a row  I had an article featured which is a really great accomplishment. It feels good to have something that you’ve written be featured on the front page of InfoBarrel. This is great motivation to continue to submit features (so is the increased ad share.)

Anyway, my adsense total for my 5th month on Infobarrel is:


I am very pleased to have hit double digits for the first time. If you’ll recall from last earnings report I made $3.41 for the month of February. This month I’ve made nearly 4 times that amount. I can attribute my jump in earnings to one thing and that’s the interest based ad settings in the Google Adsense dashboard which I’ll talk about later.

I'm have all but given up on Chikta. I made $0.55 with Chitka last month and I'm starting to consider removing it from my profile completely. At this point I think Chitka is getting the better end of the bargain and even though its "free money" that I earn with no extra effort, I really don't think its work having the extra ads appear on my articles. I have noticed that other users are making decent earnings with Chitka but I haven't figured out how to duplicate their successes.

Here is my lifetime Infobarrel earnings:

Month # of Articles Written Adsense Earnings
November 2011 6 $0

December 2011

8 $1.64
January 2012 14 $5.14
February 2012 18 $3.41
March 2012 8 $13.08
  54 Total Articles $23.53


I’m still have a long way to go to reach payout but I know that I will make payout before the year is over, just how soon depends on how much effort I put forward. Now that I’ve learned a value lesson about adsense settings I think it will be a lot easier to earn clicks.

I few months ago, either in January or February I read a post on the forums that was made in the 1-Tip thread that you should change the default Interest Based Ad settings to “do not show interest based ads.” I followed this little bit of advice around the end of January or the beginning of February. Since I had pretty good earnings in January I was expecting an increase in earnings for February, especially since I had added 14 more articles the previous month. This was not the case and I wasn’t sure why. Initially, I contributed my low earnings to February being a slow month. Other members had mentioned a slump in earnings so I didn’t think much of it.

Well, near the beginning of March I decided to change my Interest Based Ad settings back to the default settings. Immediately upon changing these settings I started getting more ad clicks. In fact the same day I changed the settings I made $3.64. Around the middle of the month I started averaging a click a day. My average CPC is rather low, but daily clicks are always a great thing.

So my big lesson that I learned last month was to the leave the Interest Based Ad settings as is!

Another thing that helped boost my earnings was my increased ad share that I earned by entering the contest and submitting features. I highly recommend that every Infobarrel writer submit 5 features and write articles that are at least 500 words long so that you earn points towards an increase ad share (and hopefully win the contest while you’re at.) That extra adshare is a great incentive to write more and it helps your bottom line.


This month I am hoping to pass the $20 mark for monthly earnings.  I think this is doable even though this figure isn’t based on anything other than good old-fashioned wishful thinking.


Once again I’m going to set a 30 article goal for this month. I know that its important to grow my portfolio of articles so that I can continue to increase my earnings.  I only wrote 8 articles this month which is a huge drop from the previous two months. Hopefully this won’t prevent me from having an increase in earnings for April.


I’ve already give my advice for this month but I also want to encourage other InfoBarrel writers to to join the the charity week challenge that was thought up by jcmayer777. You can read about it in this forum thread. If you already donate articles that you’ve written to InfoBarrel for Charities or you have thought about doing so and are interested in raising money for charity you should consider joining this challenge.

 As always, I want to thank everyone for reading my earnings report and leaving feedback. Infobarrel has a great community of contributors and there are so many of you that have helped my along the way as well as given me a good laugh or provided me with much need information!

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