InfoJunkie's Montly Earnings Report

Month 4 Earnings Report

Its that time again for another InfoJunkie earnings report. I must admit that I really enjoy reading earnings reports much more than I enjoy writing them, but I certainly wouldn’t want to disappoint my public. ; )

 I guess I’m still in the honey moon stage because even though my earnings for this month were lower than they were last month I’m still happy. I’ve already put in the work so its all passive income from now on. Besides I’m not quiet four full months into writing for revenue so I won’t get worked up over nothing. The bottom line is I’m having fun, and I get to practice a new skill. Of course the money is what brought me here so…

Without further ado…

How I Make Money Online

My earnings for my 4th month of writing on InfoBarrel:

 $3.41 cents with Adsense

$0.00 with Chitka

$0.00 with Amazon

Like I said earlier my earnings were down from last month but I think its still a respectable showing.

Um, I'm not sure where I should put this but check out my chart:


Month # of Articles Written Adsense Earnings
November 2011 6 $0

December 2012

8 $1.64
January 2012 14


February 2012 18 $3.41
  46 Total Articles $10.08 Total Earnings


Overall I found that this month was very interesting and I learned a lot.  I set two goals for myself for the month of February and didn't achieve either but don't cry for me. I said that I would write atleast 30 articles; I wrote 15 articles. I said that I would double my January Earnings and make $10; I didn't even match my January earnings. Instead I made about $75% of my earnings of the previous month. Towards the middle of the month I could tell that I wasn't going to make my goal and I was okay with that.  I know that March will be a much better month in terms of earnings for me. I'll talk about March goals later.

I think the main reason why I didn't at least match my January earnings is because I was being lazy. Even though I wrote more articles than I had the previous month I didn't consistently add pictures or other media. I also didn't consistently link articles the way I should have either. I know that things matter and I won't make the mistake of being lazy and not doing these things in the future.

On the bright side my daily page views were up this month. I would love to share with you guys how many page views and how many clicks I got on my 46 articles but I don’t know how much information I’m allowed to share per the terms of service. I don’t want to take any chances until I know whats ok and whats not. I will say this. There is a large disparity between impressions/views to clicks ratio on adsense and Chitka.

 I think I might be starting to very strongly dislike (hate is such an “ugly,” if not appropriate word)_ CHITKA. I am really starting to feel like Chitka and I are wasting each other’s time. My goals for next month will include learning more about optimizing for Chitka if there is even such a thing. I might have better luck finding hard, solid facts about big foot’s mama.

Even though I didn't make my goals for February I did manage to get enough contest points to earn my 20% revenue share and I submitted 4 articles from the feature list giving me an extra 4% of revenue share. I can't wait to see how this will help my earnings efforts!

Goals for March

I write these goals as a sort of guidline to help track my progress and to kinda sorta keep me accountable. I have very little time to write as I have two jobs and my family likes for me to hang out with them without a laptop on my lap every now and then. And then there is shopping. Oh yeah, and I do occasionally need to get some sleep. Go figure! Anyway, I am setting alot of goals for myself for march:

  • I will write 30 articles this month
  • I will atleast earn my additional $20 adshare
  • I will earn atleast $8 with Google Adsense
  • I will make my first Amazon Affiliates sale
  • I will put something on my profile page

Of course my intermediate goal is to make $100 a month by the start of my 2nd year writing. My long term goal is to eventually make $1000 month.


For folks who don't like to backlink using social bookmarking sites and the like you should interlink your articles and media pages. My most viewed article is the first article I ever added pictures to. Once I added the pictures I learned from the forums that I should link them to each other. That particular article gets atleast one view a day and the traffic is coming from multiple keywords in which I rank well for.

My second piece of advice is for the newbies: give your articles time to mature and you will be pleased. I noticed that of the handful of articles that I wrote during my first month here most of them are begining to take off. I know that they will do even better as time goes on.

Longer articles seem to do better than shorter ones. If you combine this advice with the knowledge that articles with media seem to do better then you should come to the conclusion that longer articles with one or more pictures (or other) tend to get more views. More views betters your chances of getting clicks and clicks, of course, equals money.

My last piece of advice for this month: consider adding a chart (like I did near the top of the page) the next time you want to include data in an easy to read, organized way. The information that you type in the chart DOES count towards your word total.

Whew! This sure is a long earnings report for someone who doesn't like writing earnings reports!

Thanks for reading!