Good old InfoPirate. This is another social bookmarking site but this one has a unique feature. It is currently in time-out with Google. It has a grand total of 431 indexed pages and from what I understand the admins are trying to correct the issues that got them into trouble with the Google Gods.

Quick Facts about InfoPirate:

Easy Indexing: NO
Easy to Use: YES
Revenue Share: YES
DoFollow: YES
Profile URL Link: NO

Page Rank 0

Don’t expect much too early with this site if you depend on Google traffic. I’ve heard stories that Yahoo loves them though. I don’t pay that much attention to which search engine sends my content traffic but I do know that the vast majority is by way of Google.

InfoPirate is an easy to use site. Just enter your URL, title, a brief description, a category, and some tags and you are good to go. Travis from InfoBarrel mentioned on the forums that they do not allow pages that use the phrase “for sale” in the title. I simply edit my titles to exclude those words and InfoPirate doesn’t seem to have a problem with them.

This site does have revenue share and a referral system. You get an 80% adshare which is a good split assuming you can get some traffic. Lack of indexing = less traffic so don’t expect a lot from this site right now. If they get back in Google’s good graces having some aged scoops on the site could be helpful.

This is one of the social bookmarking sites that have a blog feature. If you want to write on InfoPirate without bookmarking a page you can do so using this feature.

I haven’t been able to find a place to enter a profile URL so that is one more negative for the site. I use this site occasionally but it is not at the top of my list of sites to use. I use this site when I have some spare time that I don’t know what else to do with just because if they get back in Google’s good graces it could help my articles.

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