what content to promote?

So obviously there is a question on your mind that you can't seem to answer. am I right? No worries that's what I'll talk about here and how you can find out also how to write good remarkable content.

What content to promote? This is definitely not a one two three boom here is your answer kind of question.

I'll give you some ideas of what kind of content you can promote starting this moment.

Before you ask again what content should I promote, you should ask yourself is my content:

Unique, thought provoking, useful, controversial, entertaining, creative, inspirational, funny, problem solving, or cool.

What are people doing online?

I personally think people go to the internet either to buy stuff, entertain themselves or learn something. Those are probably the top three in my opinion so if your content is achieving any of those, then promote your content. Remember that if your content is good it will be found by your readers. One thing I like to do is make sure that I use the language that your readers use so it can be found easier. For example if you write about "SEO" or "PPC" then people that are looking for that kind of information are going to use keywords like that.

When your content is good online?

Also the benefits of writing great content for your readers is that, not only are you helping people with your information, but you are also benefiting because hopefully if its good enough they will spread it out and you will have more authority if they link back or use the right anchor text.

Just look around info barrel yourself and you will find out what people are writing about. You can sometimes see what most people are writing about. That way you can start brainstorming some content to promote here on info barrel.

I really like it that info barrel gives us the opportunity not only to make money with our articles but to see what others are writing about and what is really getting the most views too. This way you can see what is most promotable and people are searching for. That way you are not playing a guessing game of what to write about all the time.

If you want to see what content to promote on info barrel you can always check the trends too on google or use the keyword tool or seobook's keyword suggestion tool also to see what keywords people are using the most to find things.