I've been a member of Info Barrel since June 14th, exactly two weeks ago now. Rather than jumping right in and publishing large amounts of articles right away, I've decided to take the time to really learn about Info Barrel first. My intention has been to educate myself about what does and does not work here by reading through the forums, reading articles by some of the top writers, and by doing a little google research.

Now that I've learned a lot about what it takes to have success here, I've decided to conduct an Info Barrel experiment of my own in order to really see just how successful someone like myself can be on this website. There is no set time frame for this experiment, and the parameters are subject to change from week to week. The general idea is to publish a set number of articles the first week, create backlinks for each of those articles, then analyze both adsense impressions as well as earnings at the start of week 3. The analysis will be done at the beginning of week 3 instead of week 2 due to the fact that some of the articles will be just a couple days old when the second week begins.

Step 1: Writing 20 Articles

The first step in this Info Barrel experiment for the first week is to write and publish 20 articles. For ten of these articles, I will choose topics based on keyword research that I will conduct in order to determine keyword phrases with high search volume as well as a relatively low number of google results. The thought process here is that if a keyword is highly searched, but there are few results, it is more likely to rank high in google.

The other ten articles will not be keyword researched. These articles will simply be topics that I find an interest in and can quickly write them without doing any research. This may seem like a poor strategy to many experienced writers, but that is exactly what I am aiming to prove or disprove. By writing ten keyword researched articles and ten non-researched articles, I can determine how much of a difference it really makes.

My hope is to complete step 1 in within the first five days, so that days six and seven can be dedicated solely to step 2.

Step 2: Create Two Backlinks

One thing I've learned from the forums here at Info Barrel is the importance of backlinks. If I hope to see any success with this Info Barrel experiment, it is important that I create a couple of backlinks for each of my articles in order to get them ranked as high as possible in google, as well as generating direct traffic. From what I've read, three great sites for backlinks are Hubpages, Redgage and Digg. These are the three sites that I intend to use to generate traffic.

Step 3: Set Parameters for Week 2

After week one is complete, I will allow my articles the next 7 days to perform before I analyze their level of success. I'll take this time to determine how I intend to move forward with this Info Barrel experiment. Things to consider are how many articles to write the following week, what types of articles to write, and what specific goals I eventually intend to accomplish. This time will also be a good opportunity to do some more keyword research so that I've got a good selection of article topics ready for when I begin writing again.

Weekly Updates:

At the end of each week I intend to write another article like this one as a "progress report." These progress reports will be used to document failures and successes of the previous week as well as to discuss what to expect in the coming days.

The Info Barrel experiment starts now.