Info Barrel Info-Getting A Lot Of Traffic To Your Articles

Articles without traffic are a lot like an amazing store without any customers; it may be the best thing since electricity, but if there isn't anybody to see it how is anybody going to know? Whether your publishing articles on Info Barrel to develop a passive income stream, create a writing portfolio, or because you have some spare time...bringing traffic to your articles will be your biggest obstacle to overcome. It is going to be a slow and painful process, but I can guarantee you that once you get a consistent traffic stream, you will be more than happy with the rewards. There are many things that you can do to direct traffic to your various Info Barrel articles; however, this article will describe the best ones, and how they are able to bring traffic to your articles.

Increasing Your Search Engine Rank

This is the hardest, but most worthwhile way to increase the traffic to your articles. There is a variety of ways to do this; however, the least difficult and most popular ones are using the correct keyword density, and having a lot of backlinks to your article. This is the most difficult way to bring traffic to your website because it is a slow and tedious process. It only takes one minute to post a link to your article on your Facebook account; however, it may take an extra 30 minutes to determine the proper keyword density, and edit your article so that it follows the guideline. It may also take months to build up a collection of quality backlinks to your article through bookmarking sites and various other internet resources.

I did say that it was the most valuable though didn't I? The traffic that you get will be the most valuable because they will genuinely be interested in your article's topic; furthermore, this will help in the monetization of your article because they will be more likely to be interested in the advertisements. If you tell one hundred of your friends to visit your article, the chances of even 1 person being interested in the advertisement are very slim; however, if you have 100 visitors from google searches, the chances of at least 50 of them being interested in the advertisement are great! This is because they visited your article because they were interested in the content, not because of curiosity on what their friend wrote.

Write Unique Content

This is another important factor in bringing traffic to your articles. If you merely write a summary of what somebody else wrote, what is the benefit of reading your article as opposed to reading theirs? However, if you offer a different perspective on the same topic, or an different article idea all together, you are giving them a good reason to come and read your article.

Write Good Quality Content

Writing articles that consist of good quality content is also a way to drive traffic to your articles. It is human nature to tell others about good things that have happened to them, and good things that they have seen, heard, or read about. Most people don't tell others about good things that have happened to them because it may be considered as bragging; however, there is no harm in telling others about the good things that they have found. This is why people will gladly tell their friends and family about your article if they genuinely found it useful and of good quality. Imagine that every single person that visited your article thought that it was worth telling others about, and went and told 10 friends of theirs; now imagine that 7 out of those 10 friends actually went and visited your article. If this consistently happened, you would increase your traffic by 700 percent! Now imagine that those 7 people went out and told 10 more people, and it continued with this pattern. The potential for traffic through writing good quality content is literally unlimited; go the extra mile to ensure that your article has no errors, and is written well, and it will be sure to pay you back.

Link To Your Related Articles

In addition to adding a backlink to your articles for added search engine visibility, it also allows the visitors to get a chance to view your other work. Link together any articles that are related to each other; by doing this the visitor has a better chance at viewing one of your articles next as opposed to somebody else's. The benefit of this method is two-fold in that it increases your search engine rank as well as the chances of your other articles being read.

Advertise To Your Friends And Family

This is the easiest way to drive traffic to your articles, but also the least effective. Imagine that you regularly speak to 200 people, and you have just sent them a text message with a link to all of your articles; you would probably get at least 150 views from those text messages. With any of the above listed methods you could, with some hard work and dedication, get 150 new people to visit your articles every single day. This is a great method to get your articles "out there" on the web, and can effectively bring you a lot of traffic in regards to the short term. However, for long term results it is best to use the former methods.

Each of these techniques has a unique way of bringing traffic to your articles. I would definitely recommend using all of them simultaneously so that you can drive the maximum amount of traffic to all of your articles, which will in turn provide you with your maximum monetization potential. When beginning to write I would recommend using the advertising technique that was mentioned last to produce temporary traffic as a base; however, I would recommend all of the other techniques once you have built up your article database so that you can begin to drive permanent long-term traffic to all of your articles.