Info Barrel Info-The Power Of Residual Income

Residual income can be an absolutely amazing thing when achieved properly; it can allow you to collect income from work that you have done previously. The theory behind it is simple in that you create something that can generate income for years to come with little to no maintenance.

A perfect example of this would be an individual that works an average job in which they get paid 10 dollars an hour; for the sake of example we will call him Michael. Michael works 40 hours per week at 10 dollars per hour (for the sake of example we will also imagine that there are no taxes on income), so he makes 400 dollars per week. With this hourly rate income the math is very simple, you get paid for an hour only if you work for an hour.

Now we can imagine that Michael has signed up for an account with Info Barrel and begins to write articles on a fairly consistent basis. It takes him roughly one hour to research the information about the article and write it. He makes one dollar per month for every quality search engine optimized article that he writes. Now one dollar may not seem like a ton of money for one hour of work; if Michael only made that single dollar for that hour of work, I would tell him that it was not worth his time. However, that one dollar is a recurring income.

When you compare these two situations it is easy to see that every article that Michael writes for Info Barrel will "pay itself off" after 10 months; that is he will have made the 10 dollars for the hour of work, which is what he would have made working the hourly rate job. The important thing to realize is that the one dollar per month income will continue to occur even after the 10 months have passed, meaning that the hour that Michael had worked will surpass the value of the hourly rate job after a period of 10 months.

Now you may be thinking one dollar per month is not a lot of money; it may only equal to a couple of hundred dollars over a period of a whole lifetime. But wait just one second before you think about that; imagine that he did more than one hour's worth of work, and wrote more than one article. Imagine that he had written 100 articles over a longer period of time; he is now making 100 dollars a month from those articles.

If Michael were to use that extra 100 hours to substitute for 10 hours of his other job, and then use that extra 10 hours to write 10 more articles, his monthly residual income would now be 110 dollars per month. Furthermore, he could use 11 hours this month to write 11 more articles, bringing his residual income stream to 121 dollars per month. If he were to continue to do this over a period of a few years, his income from his hourly rate job would be completely replaced by his residual income from the articles.

To take this example even further, Michael could then devote 40 hours per week to releasing 40 new articles; this would increase his residual income stream substantially. The powers of residual income are literally unlimited, and it will bring shivers down your spine when you realize the full potential of it!

I know that you are all thinking that you have bills to pay and there is no way you can afford to take time off of work to write articles. That is where the sacrifice for residual income comes into play; you are going to have to write articles on top of your regular working hours to begin with. It is more than possible because no matter how busy your life is, I am sure you can devote a few hours per week to writing. However, the great part about it is that it only gets easier. The more articles that you publish on Info Barrel, the more your residual income will be; which translates into being able to substitute hourly rate job hours with writing hours, and I'm sure that you saw the potential in the last paragraph.

When I first heard about Info Barrel I thought that it was too good to be true; but the more effort I put into this website, the more I realize that hard work, dedication, and belief pays off. I am beginning to see the potential that I have listed above, and I would love for everyone that reads this to do the same. The potential is endless, so when are you going to begin writing?