Info Barrel Info-Writing Articles On A Daily Basis

Making writing articles part of your daily routine is nearly crucial to your success at Info Barrel. This stands especially true when you are beginning to write because you are going to be striving to build the "foundation" for your article portfolio. Realistically, once you have built a foundation of something like 200 articles, it is no big deal if you are writing only a few new articles per week; however, until you have built that foundation, you should be striving to write on a daily basis.

You have to put it into perspective for the long term results that it produces in order to fully comprehend the benefits of doing so. It may seem tedious to write articles everyday at the beginning, and after the first hard week you will look at the total and probably see a number that is as small as 7 articles! You may be thinking to yourself at that point "is all of this hard work worth it for 7 articles". You have to avoid thinking this way, and I will let you know right now that looking at the short term results will only make you want to give up; however, looking at the long term results will show you that writing something as simple as one article per day will yield almost 400 articles at the end of the year. Now the results seem slightly pleasing; 400 is a lot bigger of a number than 7 is.

Now that you know the results of writing articles on a daily basis it's only matter of you actually going about and doing it. I have heard absolutely every excuse in the book... I work full time, I have to cook, I have to take care of the dog, I have to go to a wedding! Well guess what readers...I know a handful of people that have all of the above listed excuses, and still manage to write on a daily basis. They will tell you that the key to ensuring that you can write an article everyday is managing your time correctly. I can guarantee you that by the end of this article you will have found at least one new way in which you can accomplish you're writing on a daily basis.

Breaks At Work

Almost every single job on the market offers at least one break for every shift that is worked; a lunch and two breaks are usually offered for longer shifts. Lets imagine that you are going to work an eight hour shift, and that you are entitled to 2 fifteen minute breaks, and a 30 minute lunch; that provides you with almost a full hour to write an article. You say that you need time to eat right? Well if you can think about what you are going to write while you eat your food, then by the time you are finished eating you will have enough ideas in your head to write consistently until you have to go back to work. The time at work may not be enough to write the entire article; however, the more that you get done during that time period, the less you will have to get done on your own leisure time.

While You Are Waiting For Something

Time spent waiting for something can be considered nearly a waste of time in that you do not accomplish anything, but merely are waiting to accomplish something. Imagine that you are in the doctor's office waiting for your name to be called to go for an annual check-up; waiting times can sometimes be 20-30 minutes. This amount of time is more than enough to get at least half of the article done if you have previous knowledge of the information that you will be writing about. Bring a pen and paper or use your cell phone and start writing; I am sure that you won't regret doing it when you have an extra half an hour of leisure time after leaving the doctor's office.

Use Your Internet Surfing Time Wisely

Most people spend the majority of their time surfing websites that will not help them write articles consistently such as Youtube and Facebook. If some of that time were to be devoted to researching article information, the articles could be written faster and more accurately; which would ultimately decrease the amount of time spent thinking about the information to write in the article, which would shorten the time that is spent writing. You should not cut out your "non-efficient" surfing time completely as that would mean you wouldn't have any leisurely internet time; however, if you merely cut it in half I am sure that you will be required to spend less time writing, ultimately making it easier to write articles on a daily basis.

Write When Everyone Is Sleeping

This method may not be suitable for everyone as it greatly depends on the situation of yourself, and the other people that you live with; however, if it is suitable for you, it is an amazing method to try. Many people get distracted easily by voices, music, and noise in general. This poses a huge problem to those individuals that may live with other people that cannot provide them with the silence that they may need to write their article efficiently. Getting into the habit of writing your articles during the time in which the others are sleeping will completely avoid this problem. If you can write in the setting that pleases you the most, you will be able to write more efficiently, which ultimately means less of your time spent writing.

Spread Out Your Thoughts

This method works especially well for individuals that are only allotted a small amount of time in intervals to write. Lets imagine that you work a job as a bank teller and your branch has a few customers every 15 minutes or so; as you are helping customers you may be able to vaguely imagine what you are going to write in the next few sentences of your article, and then write those sentences when the time comes that you have no more customers for a limited period of time. Once again this does not suit everybody's situation, and one may not be able to complete a whole article this way; however, even something as small as 1 sentence written is more than 0 sentences written!

These methods are not universal and do not suit everybody; as everyone's situation is unique, the way in which they get their writing done is just as unique. These methods have worked wonders for me, as I have used them all at one point in time or another. They are designed to make writing articles on a daily basis easier for you by using the least amount of your personal leisure time, and allowing you to write at the times that may be most convenient for you. I hope that you can use these methods to your advantage and they help you in every way possible.