Info Barrel Info-Writing Articles On The Fly

We all know that it can be very difficult to write articles on some days; sometimes no matter how much you want to do it, you just simply cannot find the time. Learning to write articles on the fly is important because it is a skill that can greatly assist you; it will allow you to write articles on those days in which it becomes difficult to find the time to write. This skill is actually extremely valuable to me right now because I am currently using it; today I have to work a 10 hour shift, followed by a funeral home, and a dinner at a family friend's house to boot! Somehow, I am still finding the time to write this article during these events; I can do this because I have developed this skill to write articles on the fly thoroughly over the last few months.

This skill is actually very easy to use once you have developed it, and can prove to be very useful in that it allows you to write articles absolutely anywhere. Half of the battle is having the resources to write available, and the other half is knowing how to use those resources to your advantage in tight situations. This article will explain how to conquer these two halves of the battle so that you too may develop this skill that is highly sought after.

A Pen And A Piece Of Paper

These are the two simplest resources that writers use; people have used a pen and paper to write for hundreds of years, and I am sure they will continue to do so for hundreds of years. A folded single sheet of paper along with a pen can easily fit into nearly any pocket that a person's clothes may have; this leaves no excuse as to why you wouldn't be carrying one on you. There is virtually no preparation involved with this resource; when you are ready to write you must simply take out the pen and paper and begin to write on a hard surface. You can use almost anything to write on. Some writable areas that you may not have thought of are walls, book covers, and magazine covers.

Use Our Technology To Your Benefit

Cell phones, iPods, palm pilots, and even some pocket organizers have the ability to type. Not all of them allow you to simply type your article in Microsoft Word; however, you must use whatever capability the device has to type. This varies for each device but some common forms include a word-to-go document, email, note, or memo. This may not be as easy to format the article as it is in Microsoft Word or Windows Notepad, but you must work with the resources that you have; flexibility is one of the main qualities of successful writers. The amazing thing about these devices is that you usually carry them with you regardless of whether or not you plan to type out an article on them. Think about it for a second, most people carry their cell phones with them the entire time that they are awake; furthermore, that is extremely convenient for a person that is comfortable typing their article on their cell phone because they will have access to the resource that they need all day long!

Certain situations only allow for writing on pen and paper, while others only allow for typing on your technological device; I would suggest carrying both with you so that you can cope with whatever situation you are placed in and still have the ability to write the article. For the situations that allow both forms of resources, the choice is yours; write or type your article on whichever resource you feel comfortable with.

Now that the first half of the battle is conquered, you must have the knowledge of using those resources efficiently to master the skill of writing articles on the fly. The main idea of the second half of the battle is merely time efficiency; you must use the time that you are allotted in an efficient manner so that you can ensure that your article gets written. Some instances in which you are able to get some writing done that you may have been unaware of are: breaks at work, time spent in the washroom, while you are waiting for an appointment, and during the commercials of the television show that you are watching. I can guarantee you that if you were to use these times to write part of your article, as well as any other times that you may think of, you will have more than enough time to complete at least 1 more article than you would have if you had not utilized the time efficiently.

Think about the long term results of writing articles on the fly; if you were to utilize the resources and time as listed above to write 1 extra article per day you would have written an extra 365 articles at the end of the year! For some people that number may not be a lot, but for others this skill may double the amount of articles that they would write for Info Barrel at the end of that year.

It is easy to see the benefits of writing articles on the fly; however, it is more difficult to actually use the skill effectively. It may seem like a daunting task the first time that you begin to write articles on the fly as you may feel rushed and like you are constantly doing things without even a mental break; however, once you become accustomed to writing in this way, you will love doing it. Part of the desire to write during your spare moments throughout the day is the sense of accomplishment when you can publish that extra article at the end of the day! I hope that you can use this skill and are able to publish more articles so that your success at Info Barrel skyrockets!