8 Successful Facts for Writing Compelling Content

Info Barrel is the land of opportunity for making money online, they are willing to share 75% of their Google Adsense Revenue with you, Info Barrel encourages you to create articles, how to guides, review articles, video articles and it's free. By implementing search engine optimization, into your articles, images and videos you will increase your odds of having your articles indexed by search engines. Learn about the 8 Successful Facts for Writing Compelling Content.

How to Be Successful with Info Barrel?

Info Barrel doesn't pay you directly, you will be paid from each of these companies below, but you must set up an account with each one of them. We are only allowed to external links to use in this article, so we are going to show you the Google Keyword Tool and Info Barrel links.

1. Signup for a Free Account with Info Barrel

2. Signup for a Google Adsense Account

3. Signup for an Amazon Affiliate Account

4. Signup for an EBay Affiliate Account

Info Barrel has a few guidelines to follow before submitting an article for publishing:

1. Article at least 325 words; the BEST is 500-650 to be indexed.

2. Your article is original, created by you, not anywhere else on the internet.

3. No Promotion links to your blogs or website!

4. No incorrect English, grammar, spelling or it will be denied.

5. No External links in first paragraph.

6. Only to 2 self-serving links per article.

Info Barrels offers 4 different types of article writing;

1. Creative Article - The world is at your fingertips; write about what inspires you, a product, something humorous, etc.

2. Video Article - Have a video that is funny, informational, educational, share it with us, we might like it.

3. How to Article - Write how to cook something, how to create something, give step by step instruction of how to.

4. Review Article - Give an opinion on a product, service, movie, book, or a person. Give your likes, dislikes and overall rating of what you thought of it..

The most important aspect to being successful is to create articles that can be crawled by search engines (search engine optimization) and be indexed; this includes these 8 successful facts below.

8 Successful Facts for Writing Compelling Content and Making Money Online

1. First start out by doing keyword research for the keywords you're going to use in the articles you're going to write, and save them to Notepad so you can come back to them, then you will know what keywords you're going to implement into your articles. You can do your keyword research with Google's Keyword Tool.

2. Writing a compelling title that contains your keywords that you researched with Google Keyword Tool is the first step to search engine optimization. Don't use more than 60 characters; Google doesn't crawl any more than that.

3. Use those same keywords with to search engine optimize in images or videos, so Google ties your title keywords and images, videos together.

4. Now use those same keywords that you used in your title, images, video, and implement them no more than 3 times through-out your article, so Google doesn't think your over-stuffing your keywords.

5. Now this is one of the most valuable facts, you must crosslink your Info Barrel articles with your blogs or website. I mean, taking time to mention one of your articles in your post on blog or website, but here is the clincher, your article must be relevant to what your site is about - apples to apples, if you get what I'm meaning here. If you have a site about cooking and an article about cell phones, this won't work, you will be penalized by the big G.

6. Submitting your article to social networks is good, but no more than 5 social networks a day or it won't look natural in search engines algorithms, then you pay the price by being penalized or no ranking. Sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Diigo, Reddit, Faves, and Dropjack are a great place to start.

7. Now submit your blog or website that you mentioned your article from Info Barrel to TechCrunch, etc. See how you can start ranking for your articles by cross-linking, by doing this Google approves your article as worthy and natural.

8. Another suggestion is use different IP Addresses to get links, that way all your back links aren't coming from the same source.

Hope we have helped you to be more creative, and effective in writing for Info Barrel.