Greetings to all of the Info Barrel newbies who have joined this terrific revenue sharing writing site. Once upon a time, I was once like you…excited to write, wanting to earn money on my articles, and wondering if spending my time writing here was going to be worth my while.

As someone who has been writing on Info Barrel since January of 2010, I have seen a lot of people come and go. While I am sure there are many reasons why they stop writing, I know that one of them is that they are not patient. Learning to write online to make money takes time-time to do it properly, time to let your articles season, time to backlink and time to actually write.

I know from experience that it is frustrating to write and see no clicks, or only pennies on the clicks that you do get. Some people are trying to justify to significant others, parents or friends why a month’s worth of work that totals less than five dollars is a step in the right direction.

Here are a few tips that I have learned along the way that will help you learn patience and stay motivated.

Info Barrel Newbie Tip #1 Read the Forums

I cannot stress enough to everyone starting out at Info Barrel to read the forums. There is a good chance the question you have asked has been asked several times before. We will always help you out, but go ahead and read. There is a wealth of information at your fingertips. While you may not be writing, you need to be learning, which will in turn, help you with your writing.

Info Barrel Newbie Tip #2 Read Info Barrel Articles

One way that I learned about Info Barrel and how to write for it was to read articles about Info Barrel. Travis_Atich’s Info Barrel 101 articles are a great place to start reading. When I began writing here, I read whatever I could by Jason and Howie and how to write for Info Barrel.

Info Barrel Newbie Tip #3 Learn Your SEO

I had no idea what SEO-Search Engine Optimization-was until I arrived at IB. Writing online is not like writing for your college professor. If you want Google to notice you, you need to write your articles so they will get noticed. Here is a link a fellow IB writer, Blogger, showed us in a forum post. It shows you in an illustration how to mention your keyword in just the right places.

Info Barrel Newbie Tip #4 Find a Low Competition Keyword

There are free keyword tools, such as Wordtracker and Google’s keyword tool, to help you find keywords for your articles. You do not want to write articles that have keywords that have been searched for tens of thousands of times. Look for those with under ten thousand searches.

Info Barrel Newbie Tip #5 Learn How to Backlink

Your articles need “Google juice”, otherwise known as backlinking. You need to put your article link on bookmarking sites such as Infopirate, Redgage, and SheToldMe, to name a few.

You can also rewrite your article for another website such as Hubpages, Squidoo, or Xomba and send a link back to your original article. For example, I wrote an article about how to earn the Stitch it Together Brownie Try It patch, and then wrote how I specifically did the activities with my troop on my Girl Scout blog. I then linked my blog to my article and my article to my two blog posts.

I also wrote an article on Hubpages about one of the crafts I did with my girls to earn that patch, and linked it back to my blog and my Info Barrel article.

Info Barrel Newbie Tip #6 Be Patient

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your online income be built with a few articles. The views will come. The clicks will come. You have to work to get them.

Info Barrel Newbie Tip #7 Write for the Future

Have you ever heard of Christmas in July? That’s when you should be writing your Christmas articles. Seriously. Articles need time to age, much like a fine wine. If you write an article in November for Christmas, then it does not have time to climb the Google pages. By the time it gets close to the top, Christmas will be over.

I try to write my holiday themed articles at least four months in advance. Think about what holidays will be in the upcoming season and start writing. Put on some themed music if writing about the perfect stocking stuffers is hard when you are wearing a tank top and shorts.

Info Barrel Newbie Tip #8 Write Seasonal and Evergreen Articles

As I mentioned in Newbie tip #7, seasonal articles need to be done in advance. Evergreen articles can be written at any time and will be relevant year round. For example, my Girl Scout articles are good all year long. The articles I wrote about Halloween have a shelf life of September to October. You need to mix it all up so that you have a well rounded library. There are holidays every month. Be sure to have a few articles about them to boost your earnings.

Info Barrel Newbie Tip #9 Don’t Try to do Everything All at Once

Take it from someone who has been overwhelmed by all of the information I have learned here on Info Barrel…take one step at a time. Writing should be your main focus. Once you have a writing style and you know how to backlink, then work on getting Amazon sales, making aStores, becoming an affiliate marketer, starting a blog or three. Take it slow!

Info Barrel Newbie Tip #10 Stick With It

This is probably the most important tip I have to offer. Yes, it is frustrating at the beginning. No, you won’t be earning much. But if you stick with it and really learn how to earn online, it will be worth your while.