As you may already know, Info Barrel is a revenue sharing site that allows you to make money online writing articles. The site has experienced incredible growth, due in large part to the generous share of Google Adsense impressions authors are given. As some of you may already know, I make some decent extra money online, and most of my attention is given to Info Barrel.

I thought it would be sort of fun to make some predictions about Info Barrel, and see how close I end up. I will make the predictions based on actual data, and educated guesses. I'm willing to bet I end up fairly close on most of the predictions.

Since I cannot predict how much money each author makes, or the site in general, I'll focus on my earnings, Alexa score, and timeframes to pass other revenue sharing sites where authors make extra money online writing articles.

Alexa Score:

As of this writing, in early November, 2009, the site has an Alexa rating just under 16k. The site was around 18k forty days ago, and 27k about three and one half months ago. In case you aren't aware, that's incredible growth. It's really an amazing skyrocket through the ranks of the internet.

13k: I think the site will officially break 13,000 by the end of December. I'm not sure how many members will be aboard at that time, but I'm guessing it will mean the addition of a thousand members or so, all contributing a few articles or more.

10k: I will mark in the middle of February, 2010, on the calendar as my prediction for a sub 10,000 rating on Alexa. This will mean the site passes many other revenue sharing sites, and begins to become a real major player. Authors will make even more money online, as individual articles begin to move through the search engine ranks.

8k: I think we all break the 8,000 barrier by early May, 2010. As more and more authors staring making extra money online with Info Barrel, word spreads quickly, and more authors become members of the Info Barrel family. Inactive authors begin to see a sharp increase in their earnings from old articles, and contribute more content.

6k: I think the train keeps on rolling. Info Barrel crushes the 6,000 mark by the end of July, 2010. The site's growth will continue, and more authors make lots of money online writing articles.

4k: Once we get past 5,000, the competition becomes quite fierce. It takes a little longer to knock off the sites that have been around for a while. Other sites where given a head start, so Info Barrel breaks the 4,000 barrier in the middle of December, 2010.

3k: More authors have joined Info Barrel, and with good reason, since so many are making extra money online just by writing articles. The site hits this mark in the middle of March, 2011. The site's incredible growth pays off, and authors are making tons of money online with their Info Barrel articles.

Passing the Big Boys:

I'm going to make some predictions about when authors can expect Info Barrel to pass some of the major players in the revenue share world. Since Info Barrel has already passed many established sites, I'll just focus on the major players.

Bukisa: I'm not a big fan of Bukisa, but the site has a decent following. Bukisa has been around for a while, and some report some shady methods to lure in authors. Still, the site has a following, and some use it to make extra money online. We pass them, in terms of Alexa score by October, 2010.

Xomba: This site has a loyal following. Many authors use it to promote their other content, and not solely for making extra money online. For this reason, it takes a little longer to dethrone Xomba, but it happens in March, 2010.

Associated Content: Writers begin to realize that you can make more extra money online with Info Barrel. Writers grow tired of a buck and a half per thousand views, and the new members allow us to blow past your boys at AC by September, 2011.

Squidoo: This is really one of the big boys in online money making, and the site has a very loyal following. Still, the writers of Info Barrel will make more long term, due to the huge Adsense share. For this reason, more authors join Info Barrel to make money online, and we pass Squidoo in December, 2011.

eHow: This site really is a major player, like it or not. Many authors have expressed their frustration with eHow in recent months, and I think the trend will continue. Whether the frustrations are legit or not isn't important, since it's the online perception that really matters. It's hard to pass the site, but it happens in July, 2012.

Making More Money:

I wish I had access to how much money other Info Barrel authors are making, but I don't. I'll have to use my totals and predictions only. I will base the predictions only on Google Adsense income, and nothing else.

I make these predictions to be accurate, not to provide myself or you with motivation, or to gather a following. I really believe these are the times I will break the thresholds set. I have developed a bit of a system that works quite well when I put it to use. I still intend to write many of my articles for fun, and not money or SEO, as I currently do. In addition, I recognize that some of my articles will naturally rise through the search engine results as the Alexa score for the site increases. I'm making nice extra money online with Info Barrel already, but I want to make even more money.

$500 per month: Since I'm well over half way there, and still picking up steam, I think I will break this mark by January, 2010.

$700 per month: As the site's Alexa score gets better, we all make more money with Info Barrel. I'm not exception, as I break this mark in March, 2010.

$1,000 per month: Just in time for summer comes a four digit passive income with Info Barrel, based on Adsense alone. I eclipse the thousand dollar mark in June, 2010.

EDIT: I have not been contributing as much to Info Barrel, but my earning predictions are pretty accurate. This month, September, 2010, I again made $1,000.

What do you think?

If you think I'm right, or if you think I'm crazy, I'd love to hear it. Leave me a comment and we'll take a look as the timeframes used pass.