A little over a year ago, I decided since I had been unable to find a job, I would work from home. I had no idea what I would be doing, I just kind of jumped in blindly. I did some research, saw a lot of information on eHow and decided that would be the way to go. They had a program called WCP which would pay you revenue share for writing. This sounded great! I wrote furiously for eHow, 640 articles which were all doing very well. Things began to slide for me at eHow, the site was very glitchy and the administration was less than helpful. Then in April of 2010, eHow announced they would be closing the WCP program, but a writer could still write through Demand Studios. Well, Demand Studios is a really good site, but not really for me. I enjoy creativity and that is not something they offer.

I did some more research and came up with Info Barrel. Info Barrel is a newer site than many online writing sites, but has a lot to offer-up to 90% Google Adsense Rev Share!, creativity, an amazing and helpful community and a dedicated team of professionals running it. Who could ask for more? I began writing for Info Barrel and I was not making anywhere near the same amount of money I made at eHow, very frustrating. I visited the forums constantly for help and they did help, but I still wasn't making what I thought I should make. One of the regular forums goers recommended this ebook and me being the very skeptical type, brushed the recommendation aside and continued to write and not earn much. Finally I decided to just go for and buy it, why not I bought a few of the eHow money making books. This book is amazing! It has so many helpful ideas and tricks like nothing I have ever read before. Was it worth it? I can't scream YES loud enough! AND it is much more than just a book, it is an entire course. Step by step on how to make the most of writing sites. Unbelievable!

If you are looking to maximize your online writing income whether it be for Info Barrel or another writing site, I highly recommend you try this book. Here is the book that helped me, almost triple my income by the second month and my adsense increases daily. I don't think I will be looking for a job anytime soon.