• Functionality that is simply superior to that of 'similar' websites.
  • Their "related articles" section, which appears prominently to the right of everyone's articles, afford dedicated users an opportunity to establish themselves as an "authority" by essentially cornering the niche of their choosing.
  • Unlike 'similar' platforms, the Info Barrel framework is not confined to simply "How-to" articles. Users can choose from 4 templates, with varying Google Adsense advertisement placement, ranging from a "blank article" to a "review", "how-to", or "video" article.
  • Info Barrel's revenue share is far superior to the offerings of other 'similar' websites. Believe it or not, other websites have established themselves on the notion that you can even charge members a monetary monthly subscription fee, in order for them to submit content to the website. In my honest opinion, this is not a sustainable business model that will endure for years to come.
  • Writers have flocked to Info Barrel in droves, and their disgruntlement, with other 'similar' platforms is very palpable.
  • Info Barrel's customer service is far superior to that of other website platforms. In fact, while Kevin and Ryan (the Owner's of Info Barrel) are very busy on their end, it is still not uncommon to receive an email back within 24-48 hourse. This kind of intuitiveness to user comments and concerns, will set Info Barrel on a fast track to success, for years to come. 'Similar' websites boast of having quite a few staff, yet are unable to achieve the degree of customer service that Info Barrel achieves.
  • Google Adsense and Chitika Advertisements have been strategically placed to bring in the most revenue to both the company, as well as, its dedicated users and content providers.
  • A strong system of 'achievements' are in place that inspire and motivate to continually contribute to the Info Barrel platform.
  • Unlike 'similar' platforms, Info Barrel's ability to allow more than just one article format, does not confine themselves to just "How-to" type articles. With time, other platforms will find that all the "Good" topics are taken by those who are first on the scene. This will be a very bad downside to their platforms, that Info Barrel has addressed already in their functionality.


  • While there are very many 'Pros' associated with Info Barrel, it is very difficult to find very much "bad" about them and their business model."
  • Info Barrel is relatively 'new' to the article submission/revenue sharing game, which means there is a constant need for them to be superior in everything from their revenue share to their customer service.
  • Unfortunately, because Info Barrel is so 'new' to the game, they don't have quite the page rank, in Google, that other 'similar' websites have established already. User submitted articles may not get quite the ranking, that they deserve, at least initially. This will change, however, as Info Barrel continues to gain quality articles and passionate users.

Full Review

Rarely does a website platform emerge, with such a powerfully cohesive business plan, that prides itself on great levels of transparency, usability, and customer service. In an industry saturated by many other formidable competitors, the above qualities, coupled with their generous revenue share (75%-90% of hosted Google Adsense Advertisements), present the Info Barrel website platform in a manner that is clearly destined for great things. Of course, if, and, trends are any indicator, the continual growth of Info Barrel is a reflection of the high degree of trust that has been gained, and fostered. This growth does not appear to be subsiding any time soon, as this market is ripe for the taking.

In Closing

While users have gravitated to the Info Barrel website platform for a variety of reasons, there is no doubt in my mind that Info Barrel is destined for great things. Where other more 'similar' websites leave off, in functionality and customer service, Info Barrel is gradually manufacturing a winning website that considers users concerns, yet, provides a great framework for user expression and potential to earn. There is a reason why many freelance writers have turned to Info Barrel as a viable, and completely legitimate, way to create a very reliable passive income stream.

Info Barrel provides the tools, but it is up to each individual user to provide the dedication and passion.

While other similar websites have created a frenzy lately, Info Barrel has become the prime candidate for many disgruntled users (from other websites) to come and join, and contribute to.

Tools I Use for InfoBarrel: Market Samurai Keyword Tool, The Best Spinner, My 6-Book InfoBarrel Success Course, Unique Article Wizard, and more to come soon....