WHY You should NOT Limit Yourself To InfoBarrel.

Diversity On The Web - Is One Of THE Keys To Success.

I've learned a ton on the web.  I've learned a ton of things here on InfoBarrel.  I didn't start writing here originally though, and so I've got a broader perspective about this website, and also some of the others - most particularly, I can speak at great length about Hubpages.com, and this is because that is where I started my career as a web scribbler in earnest.

Now were you to look at my InfoBarrel output you might think I'm less experienced at all this than I actually am.  This is the heart of my advice in motion - I've been doing quite a lot of experimentation with styles of writing and subject matter, and I do a lot of that here.  The thing about me and InfoBarrel is that I came here due to good advice, and I got that advice from Hubpages.com where I started off on the web - and as I'd already had a lot in the way of goals to accomplish on Hubpages, I've mostly been focusing my energy there.

Let me put this to you bluntly, there are people here on InfoBarrel that are all about InfoBarrel, and will tell you that they have no use for the other self publishing websites.  The same type of people are on Hubpages, and any other site like these - all of those people are full of crap.  The best way to be successful is to never have all your eggs in the same basket.

One thing you can believe - on Hubpages I advise everyone to join InfoBarrel.  On InfoBarrel, I advise everyone to join Hubpages.  I've joined Whizzley myself now, but haven't done anything there yet, but I will.  There is such a thing as spreading yourself too thin, but it is equally unwise to spend all your energy on one website.


1. Every website for self publishers is different.  You can only benefit from learning how to use different interfaces and learning how to succeed under different publishing guidelines.

2. Every website has resident gurus that seemingly know all about the world wide web and how to be successful - but if they are only on one given website, those persons aren't likely to know nearly as much about becoming successful on the world wide web as are the persons that are successful on multiple websites.

3. Lets face it, this is a social sort of endeavor, and the more large self publishing sites you are on, the more friends on the web you will have.  You definitely want friends in this game, as links of your own that you share yourself are less valuable than the backlinks created by other people.

4. In the financial world people say the same thing as I'm saying here all the time - you want a diverse portfolio of stocks and investments, and the same thing is true online.  By putting all of your work (investments) into InfoBarrel or Hubpages - you are cheating yourself out of a diverse portfolio of revenue streams.  Hubpages has a superior amazon.com integration to InfoBarrel.  Hubpages also has the option for ebay affiliation, and the impression based revenue stream of the Hubpages ad program.  InfoBarrel is a superior site for making Adsense revenues, and has Chitika as an affiliate which Hubpages does not have.  Anyone who tells you that InfoBarrel is superior, or that Hubpages is superior - those persons have their reasons for saying either, but if they warn you against diversifying your portfolio of investments (your writing) - then they are definitely giving you bad advice.

5. Backlinks - InfoBarrel allows one self serving link per "barrel."  I've yet to ever once use that option, but you can bet that I will.  Hubpages allows TWO links to any other site, and I've created some nice dofollow backlinks to InfoBarrel from my hubs - and if for no other reason than that, EVERY single person writing on InfoBarrel should be interested in joining Hubpages.com - to support their InfoBarrel work through dofollow backlinks, and original but related articles.

So far as creating and earnings go on the web - you simply can not go wrong by joining and writing on Hubpages.com or InfoBarrel.com.  I think it is a mistake to limit yourself to either or both of these fine self publishing platforms too.  If someone has a lot of time to spend and is giving the web and writing on the web a full time go, then I couldn't possibly stress enough how foolish I think it is to limit yourself to any one or two sites.  Were someone simply spending their off time or hobby time writing on the web, then and only then would I ever consent that one or two websites were "enough."

I've got major complaints with Hubpages.com, but mostly those complaints are me and my very big mouth, and the ultra liberal staff in San Francisco.  If "political correctness" is your thing, then I assure you that staff at Hubpages.com will love you.  Me, not so much, and neither do I care.  Self expression shouldn't be stifled by small minds - nothing is sacred or free from critical evaluation and the critiques of the satirist or free thinker.  Hubpages.com doesn't much mess with my content - but they will make it known in subtle ways when you are not in their favored groups of authors.

None of that should deter anyone, EVER.

I have absolutely nothing in the complaints department for InfoBarrel.com - I'm not looking to complain about anything, but I've not been focusing myself here.  I have major goals for my Hubpages account, and I will be pursuing them - but more and more I like InfoBarrel because more and more I realize that too much Hubpages is a bad thing for me.  The thing is that my preferred method and style of content creation is more suited to that of Hubpages where I can incorporate all manner of links to back up whatever thing I'm saying or trying to say, but no matter - InfoBarrel  has its reasons for its guidelines for publishing, and I encourage anyone anywhere to join this fine website and be the best that they can be under these guidelines.  It can only help to diversify our methods and learn new strengths.

Thanks, that is all.