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Info Barrel and YouTube
(Main eBook: 167 Pages, Single-Spaced, 12-Font)
pg. 85-86

"....Because of the inherent virility of YouTube, it is probably the fastest ticket to fame available on the Internet. This also makes it possibly the best on which to promote your brand. While websites like MySpace and Facebook are extremely popular and loved by both marketers and casual users alike, YouTube allows a user to associate their message with video which, often, can be a more effective sales strategy than by simply displaying a static graphic advertisement. To date, YouTube is considered to be one of the Internet's most popular websites, and many people have become instant celebrities because of the viral nature of YouTube. From the online sensations of "David after Dentist" (with over 34,000,000 current views, at the time of this writing) to the 2007 upload of Dutch singer Esmee Denters singing, "What Goes Around" by Justin Timberlake (with over 21,000,000+ current views, at the time of this writing), entire companies have emerged to help advertisers achieve exactly what these ordinary, everyday, laypersons just like you and I have.

Little did "David" know that his father would go on to sell thousands of pieces of his own merchandise, sold directly through a clickable link next/on his viral YouTube video. Similar to "David," I am sure that Esmee Denters was quite welcoming to the fact that Justin Timberlake actually decided to sign her, as the very first signed artist, on his Tenman Records label. As you can see, it is clear that YouTube, in conjunction with various social media outlets, can make an otherwise 'no-name' person an overnight sensation and authority. This is the inherent power of websites like YouTube and, it is this ability that makes it a beautiful mesh with Info Barrel.

With YouTube, you have functionality at your immediate disposal that can make your Info Barrel articles the latest hit on cyberspace. As any YouTube video you may construct receives views, all traffic will be immediately exposed to any links (Your Info Barrel articles?) that you display. While they may not receive quite the acclaim and attention that the aforementioned videos have received, a little touch of creativity surrounding your video could really cause viewers to, not only spread your video link, but also follow any direct clickable links, to your Info Barrel articles, that you may provide.

Among a sea of simple and dormant videos, YouTube is also known for its outrageously viral videos. It constantly showcases fun videos on its Featured Videos section which is the most coveted position in the website. A person's uploaded videos land on this section because of their fun and interesting nature. YouTube users who are consistent in uploading videos with good content are the ones most likely to be featured. With a sprinkle of your own creativity, you can definitely come up with a gimmick that will get the hit you are hoping for. You can do this by either creating your own video, or uploading an existing one, that is content worthy to be posted. Just make sure to create an account with YouTube first then build a profile where you can write a full description of the content.

For further exposure, you can add a link to your Info Barrel articles on the video itself at the bottom section which will appear all throughout the video. This is important because the video may likely be posted somewhere else and you do not want to miss the chance of exposure. By placing a watermark of the link, you maximize the exposure chances and you also provide a way for the viewers to get more information. Another way of doing it is to put the URL itself either at the beginning or at the end of the video. It does not stop with posting one video though. It may just not be enough to capture the attention of a starving audience. To increase your YouTube fan base, you will have to be consistent in providing videos that are worthy to be viewed. When you do, you will become someone viewers can relate to and follow.

The following are the things you can do to kick off your Info Barrel career with YouTube."