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(Book #2 in InfoBarrel eBook Course: "How-to Overcome Writer's Block"

"....Okay, we all know by now that the Wordtracker site can be used to help you generate keyword ideas, so you can make more money. Did you know you can easily adapt your use of this tool, only slightly, to come up with motivating article ideas? It's true, and it's really quite easy to accomplish. Here's how to use it to your benefit, when writer's block hits.

Log on to the site. In cases of true writer's block, you may not be able to come up with any cool keywords to put in the tool. This is fine, because we're going to use it a little differently. To begin, take a good look at your surroundings. The stuff around you right now is your key to overcoming writer's block.

Place any word at all in the Wordtracker tool. What's right in front of you now? I can see at this very moment, paper, a couple of empty cans of soda, storage drawers, and a few other odds and ends on the computer desk. Although I have no real desire to write about any of these things, they can actually help me come up with something to write about so I can start accomplishing something.

Sticking with the items I can see now, starting with the soda can, I'll enter the items in the site. The words "soda can," for example, have 100 results. Near the top, I see "where to recycle my soda cans for cash." This would be a fairly easy article to pop out and help get my writing juices flowing.


Let's say I wanted to break it down a little further. I could simply enter "soda," "pop," "soft drink," or even "can" in the tool. I'll use "can" for this example. When you check the word "can" on the site, you get a ton of results. The first one up, at the time of writing, has to do with the show, So You Think You Can Dance. There are tons of others, 100 in total to choose from. Some of the higher scoring, includes "where can I watch whole movies online," and "maps you can print." While these have nothing to do with a soda can, they can help to keep you motivated, and more productive. This is illustrated in the screenshot below.


You can see how one idea can lead to another when you use the Wordtracker site to come up with article ideas. With this example alone, you will get up to 100 results, which may help you come up something to write about.

Some of you may notice, that I have actually written, "Where to recycle my soda cans for cash." I went through this exact same exercise once upon a time. (Yes, there really is a soda can on my desk again as I write this.) This is just an example of how one thing can lead to another when you are experiencing writer's block, and looking for ways to come up with new article topics and ideas.

There are plenty of ways to generate ideas like this. You can see what type of objects you notice in front of you. You can turn on the television or radio and enter the first word you hear. I've been known to pull up the site, and then ask my wife or kids to say a word, and enter the response I get. I have really good luck with this, since it's a collaborative effort involving five people...."

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